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1. Death

2. Taxes

3. Injuries in the NFL.

Both of the teams I have rooting interests for are being hit very, very hard by number three right now — as both the Saints and Cowboys were manhandled by the Panthers and Rams respectively yesterday.

But when you crunch the numbers, you can nearly field an entire offense and defense with this laundry list of guys on the shelf for what I consider to be the two most injury plagued teams in the NFL.

QB: Tony Romo

RB: Felix Jones

WR: Marquis Colston

WR: David Patten

WR/RB: Reggie Bush

TE: Jeremy Shockey


DT: Sedrick Ellis

OLB: Anthony Spencer

MLB: Mark Simoneau

CB: Terrance Newman

CB: PacMan Jones *(suspended)*

FS: Roy Williams

K: Martin Gramatica

P: Matt McBriar

That’s 14 guys, 7 of whom have made the Pro Bowl.

I know people are out there saying ‘Cry me a river,’ everyone has injuries. But let’s be real, guys, you take names like Tony Romo or Reggie Bush off any NFL team and what you’ll have is a 4-3 team predicted to be a Superbowl contender and a 3-4 team 2 games in last place inside their division.

It’s one thing to cheer for a team who just truly sucks, like the Kansas City Chiefs or the Detroit Lions, but an entirely more frustrating game to cheer for a team with a ton of talent who is sidetracked by things that no one can control.

So hopefully these problems clear themselves up for both the Saints and the Cowboys and they can get back in the thick of things in the NFL race.


I love to gloat when I am right. But I also am the first person to admit when I am wrong, so I will use the next 150-200 words to write about how wrong I was about the Tampa Bay Rays this season.

I’ve used this place many a times to label those guys as frauds or as overrated or as a team who would falter and crumble in the heat of postseason baseball, but I was wrong and the Rays are going to the World Series after a Game 7 win against the Red Sox last night.

I will be the 1st to admit that after the way the team folded in Game 5 against the Sox, I thought the series was over. But the Rays got a masterful performance from former SEC pitcher David Price and closed out the win.

It takes a real nut-check for a kid barely able to drink legally, to stand before the defending world champions with his back against the wall and throw down the hammer to close out the series.

What this series and this postseason has shown to me is just how valuable ‘arms’ are. The Rays history of losing has earned them one top pick after another in the past 10 years and it shows as they have tons and tons of ’20-something’ pitchers who are blossoming at the right time to allow this run to be possible.

I will give a World Series pick after I do a little more research, but I can say off hand that I don’t care how many saves in a row he has, I don’t trust Brad Lidge, so that gives a small edge right now to Tampa Bay for me.


Some LSU injury news:

1. T-Bob Hebert is done for the season following an injury Saturday against USC. It is not fully clear what the injury was yet. But hopefully it is something that will have him back 100% before spring, because he will most likely be either the team’s starting center or starting fullback, depending on where Coach Miles decides to use him.

2. RJF should be ready for the Georgia game. Groins are tough and everytime he tries to give it a go, he reinjures himself, so barring a setback, he should be good to go.

3. All of the other guys who suffered minor licks just had cramps and should be fine.


T’is all for me.

Take it easy.

It’s good to be back!

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