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Tiger fans,

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the lack of preparedness in yesterday’s vlog.

There were a lot of “umm’s…” and “you know’s” in the voice post, because I was (and still am) under the weather, so I did not have the patience to do the proper homework I needed to do.

But with that being said, the LSU football coaches watched the film of the UGA game today and it did not look any better the 2nd time they saw it.

The worst part about the way LSU is losing is they are not being dominated or destroyed — they are beating themselves.

If UGA would have done like Florida and driven the ball down LSU’s throat for their 50+ points, that would have been one thing.

But LSU beat itself with defensive breakdowns and communication issues, etc… etc…


Despite the No. 2 team in the country still being on LSU’s schedule, the teeth of LSU’s schedule is finished.

I do not trust Alabama now and will not trust Alabama as a legitimate national contender as long as John Parker Wilson is their starting quarterback, so while the Tide is talented (and hot), they are not as much of a matchup problem to LSU in my opinion than Florida and Georgia were.

The games that concern me more for LSU than the Alabama game when everyone will be big-time jacked is the Ole Miss and Arkansas games, mostly the Ole Miss game.

I just think LSU will spend so much energy the Saturday of the Alabama game that I have concerns about whether or not they will have enough time to regroup and move on just seven days later against a talented (despite their record) Ole Miss team.

But with all of that being said, I see LSU sweeping the rest of the season (although it won’t be pretty) and possibly even going to the SEC Championship Game if Alabama has a slip up.

But LSU is not in the elite SEC ranks this year like Florida and Georgia and would be trashed again in the SECCG if that were to occur.


The Saints overcame the odds and beat the Chargers in London 37-32 Sunday, leaving many to wonder what sort of narcotics the team used to cheat with before this game (just kidding, Saints fans).

But on a serious note, the Saints moved the ball at will on what is a very lacking Chargers defense that missed Shawne Merriman more and more with each passing day.

But the win was not without drama as the Saints had firm control over the game with 9 minutes to go and nearly blew it all in the final minutes. The Chargers even had a last-ditch Hail Mary heave at the end zone to win the game.

But all negativity aside, the Saints are in position to possibly have the NFL’s MVP this season, because if the team sniffs the playoffs, Drew Brees should be the guy chosen for the award.

A lot of his statistics are ballooned because of the Saints’ system (it’s almost like being the QB for Texas Tech). But the fact remains, he still does have to execute the throws, and more often than not, he does, so he is having a tremendous season.


Men’s BBall Preview:

A few days ago, I gave a preview of the women’s team.

So today, I will take a turn with the men.

As everyone knows, this is the first year of the new Trent Johnson regime.

For those of you out there who wanted a totally new style and a totally new scheme, dream on, because Johnson may be more hardcore defense-minded than even Brady was. But the thing Johnson has in his favor is he has the attention of his team — something I do not think Brady ever had — even in the Final Four season.

Virtually the entire LSU roster returns from last season minus Anthony Randolph who was a first-round draft pick of the Golden State Warriors.

But to replace Randolph, LSU returns Tasmin Mitchell from injury and also has added four three-star prospects who figure to add depth to a team starving for some.

You all know all SEC slasher Marcus Thornton and Mitchell, so I will stay away from them.

But here are 3 lesser knowns to keep an eye on this season.

Alex Farrer:

Farrer started a few games last year and LSU played really well in the games he started — because he is one of the few ‘glue guys’ on LSU’s roster, which last year was full of guys who dominated the basketball like Randolph and Thornton.

With a fellow West Coast cat on the bench, I think Farrer will fit Johnson’s system beautifully and be a very quality role player.

Chris Bass:

Bass was only offered a scholarship by LSU after J’Mison Morgan switched his LSU commitment to UCLA in the 11th hour.

But initial reports say Bass and Bo Spencer will make up a very capable one-two punch at the PG position.

Bass likely will not start in his freshman campaign, but people are saying he is very quick with the basketball in his hands and will be a spark plug for LSU this season.

Does the last name sound familiar? Yes, he is indeed Brandon’s little brother.

Garrett Temple

Everyone knows who Temple is in this neck of the woods. But I throw him on the list, because I think he will have a big senior season — primarily because he will be allowed to play off the ball for the first time since his freshman season, when he reaked havoc on players all across the country.

With Temple not having the burden and the strain of taking the ball up the floor anymore, look for LSU to get their lock-down defender back for a full season, because in the last two seasons, the strain of being primarily a one-guard has worn Temple down by the end of the season.

PREDICTION: LSU finishes the season third in the SEC West and is one of the final 6 teams into the NCAA Tournament.

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