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LSU is coming off a loss.

And is facing its ‘rival’.

So they shouldn’t have a letdown, right?

We’ll have to wait and see.

But I didn’t see an LSU team focused on beating Tulane this week . . . I saw a team chomping to beat Alabama, so we’ll see how it plays out, but I think for a second-straight year, LSU might come out flat against the Wave.

But with all that being said, Tulane is in shambles. They don’t know who their quarterback is going to be, they just lost their starting halfback for the season, and they have lost 14 players who played significant roles in the beginning of the season.

So I see LSU starting slow, but finishing strong and earning an easy win.

The second storyline that is interesting is how the whole Hatch ordeal will play out.

Andrew Hatch will not play Saturday and probably will not play next weekend against Alabama.

So I am curious to see what Jordan Jefferson’s role will be.

If I were Miles, I would play him in Hatch’s old role. He is bigger, stronger, faster, etc… than Hatch, so if it worked for him, it should work for the freshman. But the problem with that is in that role, you take quite a beating and I think the concern will be that if Jefferson goes down, then LSU has just 1 quarterback left.

So we’ll see how that works out.

More on this game tomorrow.


Well, the Phillies won the World Series in the strangest of ways, winning the 6th-9th innings of Game 5 last night.

The Rays just are one of those “year-away” teams. The problem is just that they may not ever get back to the position they were just in, because of Boston and New York’s big spending ways.

We’ll see, but even though I picked Tampa to win the series, it was clear the best team won.


The NBA season is a few days old and here are my week 1 power rankings after having watched most of the contenders play.

1. Lakers – It will be very, very tough to dethrone them if they stay healthy and happy.

2. Rockets – If Mt. Artest stays happy, this is the best Rockets team since 1995.

3. Celtics – I know they are good. But I just wonder if they have that internal drive they had last year.

4. Hornets – Any of the teams 1-4 can be in any order. There is a real jumble at the top.

5. Raptors – Make them my sleeper pick to win the NBA Title

6. Spurs – They seem to win the title in every other year. This would be that year.

7. Jazz – Don’t sleep on Utah. They are the best coached team in the NBA.

8. Pistons – I do not like that they stood pat. But they still have a tremendous team.

9. Magic – They start a point guard, who really wants to be a shooting guard, three small forwards and a center. You can see the problem there, too, right?

10. Knicks – No, I do not think the Knicks will be the 10th best NBA team. I just put them up here, because they are a major sleeper to me. The talent is there. The coaching is now there. It’s time to turn this thing around.


SEC games this weekend:

Auburn 21

Ole Miss 13

Tulsa 49

Arkansas 31

Kentucky 17

Miss St. 24

Arkansas State 10

Alabama 28

Florida 42

Georgia 20

Tennessee 20

South Carolina 28


Tulane ? (Stay tuned). 🙂


That’s it for me today!

You all have a blessed Friday!

More about this game tomorrow!

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