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So, I have a question.

Is Tulane still LSU’s rival?

On one hand are people (most of whom are middle-aged adults) who say that it is still a big rivalry and they hope LSU stomps Tulane by 50+ points tomorrow to “make a statement.”

But people of my generation see the game differently as see teams like Bama or Auburn as LSU’s biggest rival, because Tulane has never been relevant in my lifetime, minus one fluke year in which they went undefeated (READER’S NOTE: DESPITE THE UNBEATEN RECORD, THEY WOULD HAVE FINISHED IN THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE SEC IMO).

But regardless of if it is or isn’t a rivalry, LSU will lock horns with Tulane tonight in Tiger Stadium.

Tulane comes into the game depleted and has lost 14 players who played significant snaps in their team’s close loss to Alabama.

LSU comes into the game still with sore booties after having them kicked hard and swiftly last weekend by Georgia.

This game in many ways will be a balancing act.

First, everyone knows LSU has superior talent. But is that superior fully focused on Tulane? Or is this game being viewed solely as a ‘tuneup’ before Bama?

Second, while this game does not mean much emotionally to LSU players, I guarantee you it means a lot to the Tulane guys.

Tulane fans and players HATE that LSU has an athletic monopoly in this state. They HATE that LSU is the biggest and the baddest in virtually every sport and that it really isn’t even a debate.

So LSU better bring it early and take the life out of the Wave early, or else we could maybe see a first half similar to the one we saw last season in which Tulane hung around.

But with all of that being said, talent will prevail (as it almost always does in a 60 minute game) and regardless of if LSU is focused or not, they will win big.

My Pick:

LSU 44

Tulane 10


-Jordan Jefferson plays, but not nearly as much as some think.

-Charles Scott goes way, way, way above 100 yards. He has owned Tulane in his career as a backup, so as a 20-carry-a-game-guy, I see no reason why he wouldn’t go for 150+ tomorrow.

-LSU will (like they did against N. Texas and App State) avoid ‘unrealistic’ plays. By that, I mean that LSU can run the ball every, single play and beat Tulane. But they will manage this game as though it were a scripted scrimmage of sorts and will make sure all aspects of the team get equal work.


While today is a big football day, I would like to congratulate the LSU soccer team for winning the SEC Western Division Championship for the second straight season.

A few weeks ago, I gave you guys a little in-depth look at the makeup of their team and since then, they’ve been gang-busters and have dominated SEC play to the tune of a 6-3-1 SEC record.

What is so impressive and encouraging about this team is the youth. Players like Michelle Makasini, Rachel Yepez, Mo Isom, etc… will all be back next season and the Tigers have a legit shot to make a run at a national championship, if not this year, then in the years to come.

So good job, ladies!

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Back to college football for a minute, let me give you guys and gals a few notes about Saturday’s games.

Top 10 team most likely to be upset: NONE. All of the teams in the Top 10 that are favored to win will win.

Weekend of the statement win: Florida will crush Georgia by 2-3 TD’s and Texas will crush Texas Tech by 2-3 TD’s to make ‘statements’ to the rest of the country.

Bama will struggle with Arkansas State for 20 mins or so– Bama will be looking way ahead to LSU and will struggle for about a quarter and a half against a pretty decent Arkansas State team. But don’t get carried away, the Tide still wins by 20+.

Watch Tulsa- I do not know if the game is televised, but if it is, watch Tulsa take on offense. I have never seen an offense as dynamic as Tulsa’s and it will be interesting to see if they can keep it up against an SEC defense. Expect both teams to have 30+.


That’s all for me. Enjoy the games.

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