It wasn’t always pretty.

It wasn’t as impressive as some wanted.

But LSU controlled pretty much from start to finish Saturday and won a decisive 35-10 win against Tulane.

Let’s be straight: LSU went into cruise control, really early… Like pretty much after the first drive of the game.

But my answer to that is: WHO CARES.

I’ll take a 25-point win against anyone, much less a 25-point ‘ugly’ win.

The most important thing is that the mistakes LSU made against UGA got corrected, for the most part, minus a few lazy penalties and a few small mistakes.

I know it’s Tulane, but LSU stayed relatively clean and that is what is most important in a game like this.

I will have a ton of stuff — obviously about the Bama game. But for tonight, let’s relish in the win.

This may sound like a very small victory, but LSU is now bowl eligible for the 9th-straight year — a new school record.

So I know 6 wins is not much in this day of LSU football, but 9-straight years of that is very impressive.

But with that being said, here are a few injury notes:

1. Charles Scott is A-OK. Ankle will be fine.

2. It looks more and more like Hatch is done for a while. He didn’t even go to the game (that I saw). That’s not good. I hate to speculate. I just don’t think we’ll see him anytime this season.

3. Richard Dickson and Curtis Taylor will have to take a “wake up in the morning and see how it feels” approach, but they should be fine, also.


Shifting gears from LSU, let’s see how I did in my bullet points.

Yesterday, I said the following things:


“Top 10 team most likely to be upset: NONE. All of the teams in the Top 10 that are favored to win will win.”

–Close but no cigar. Texas Tech ruined that one. Outside of them, very few upsets, though.


“Weekend of the statement win: Florida will crush Georgia by 2-3 TD’s and Texas will crush Texas Tech by 2-3 TD’s to make ’statements’ to the rest of the country.”

–1 out of 2 ain’t bad. Florida is the best in the country right now and will crush ANYONE by 2-3 touchdowns. But note to Georgia: That’s what you get when you act in a classless way against a rival and celebrate as a team in unison in the endzone.


“Bama will struggle with Arkansas State for 20 mins or so– Bama will be looking way ahead to LSU and will struggle for about a quarter and a half against a pretty decent Arkansas State team. But don’t get carried away, the Tide still wins by 20+.”

–The did struggle — for the better part of the game, too — especially on offense. Sure, they won handily. But just a C+ effort from a team of their caliber as they were looking ahead to LSU.


“Watch Tulsa- I do not know if the game is televised, but if it is, watch Tulsa take on offense. I have never seen an offense as dynamic as Tulsa’s and it will be interesting to see if they can keep it up against an SEC defense. Expect both teams to have 30+.”

–Both teams sniffed 30 and Arkansas won. Either way, Tulsa is as good a CUSA team as you’ll ever find.


Here is my new Top 10 after a wild CFB weekend.

1. Texas Tech (I know they will be #3 in the actual polls. But if I am giving who I think the best team is RIGHT NOW out of the unbeatens, it’s TTech.)

2. Alabama – We’ll find out more next weekend.

3. Penn State – Still has a showdown with Mich State on the schedule that everyone is overlooking

4. Florida – Beat LSU handily. Beat UGA handily. This is the best 1-loss team out there and the best pound-for-pound team of everyone.

5. USC – socked hapless Washington.

6. Oklahoma – Maybe the best offense you’ll ever see in CFB. I mean that, too. You can pencil these guys in for 50 every week.

7. Oklahoma State – A sleeper team in the national title race. They still can beat TTech and OU, so they in a lot of ways control the national title picture.

8. Texas – They didn’t make it out of murderer’s row alive. But if they have just 1 loss in that brutal stretch of games they have, that’s a win in and amongst itself.

9. Boise St. – The BCS busters are at it again after a 49-0 win against NM St. to stay unbeaten.

10. Michigan State – I kind of always do this with my No. 10 team. I put a team that I don’t really believe is the 10th best, but is just someone to look out for. MSU is that team. If they beat Penn State on Nov 22, they can win the Big 10 — assuming they beat Purdue next weekend. It’d be a three-way tie of one-loss teams between Penn State, Ohio State and the Spartans and they will all have beaten one another. In that case, I think the tiebreaker is BCS ranking and in that case, I think the Spartans (b/c of a huge jump in the computer polls) would maybe be able to eek it out. That’s a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’, though.


That’s all for me.

Enjoy you all’s Sunday without a Saints game to pull your hair out about. 🙂