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Sorry I have not posted earlier. But I will post now and again later this evening to make up the gap, because I have a lot to say.

But you sense there is a calm before the storm right now in Baton Rouge.

There was so much hype and so much buzz early in the week.

But then the presidential race slashed the hype a little bit and took us back to Point A.

But slowly but surely it’s building back up and this will be a wild weekend in Baton Rouge.

I think this is a good and a bad for LSU.


-The hype and the crowd can help LSU in a rowdy atmosphere that will be pro LSU. Alabama is very, very good. But they are also very young and they may be rattled in what will be a Coliseum-like atmosphere.


-LSU may be over motivated. LSU can be lulled to sleep by Alabama’s great first quarters just as easily being over motivated as they would if they were under motivated.

So I think the push and the pull of that may level itself out and after the first 4-5 minutes when the adrenaline wears out, I think the best team on this Saturday will win.

For LSU to be that team, they have to win the 5-4 battle with Alabama’s offensive line.

Whether it be Glen Coffee or any of the other halfbacks, Bama will want to run, run and then run some more.

LSU dominated Alabama up front last year and held them to less than a yard per carry and forced John Parker Wilson to beat them in the air.

He wasn’t able to then. And still isn’t able to now. So take the running game away, you take Bama’s offense away.

But that’s easier said than done and no one has been able to do it yet this season, so we’ll see how it goes.


The news every is buzzing about is Jordan Jefferson getting “50 percent” of the reps in practice this week.

For those of you wondering, there is approximately 0.0001% chance Jefferson starts this game and even less chance they are considering inserting him into the starting lineup.

Jefferson takes close to 50 percent of the 1st reps on any normal week when he’s the No. 2 QB. He did last week.

He did again this week.

It’s a non-issue.

And Miles probably only mentioned it to try to throw a curveball to Nick Saban and co.


Injury Notes:

Andrew Hatch: OUT (probably for the season)

Curtis Taylor QUESTIONABLE (probably out)

Drake Nevis QUESTIONABLE (probably in)


More later.

Keys to winning for both teams, weekend picks and audio clips from players about Saturday’s game. So stay tuned.

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