As all of you know by now, LSU lost 27-21 to Alabama in overtime yesterday afternoon, pushing LSU to 6-3 and 3-3 in the SEC.

I think the loss stings.

But not for why you might think.

It doesn’t hurt that LSU lost to Alabama, because they’re a heck of a team.

It also has nothing to do with Nick Saban.

Or Jarrett Lee.

It has everything to do with the fact that LSU outplayed its opponent and still came out on the short-end.

Why? Mistakes.

Mistakes? Interceptions, poor tackling, pre-snap penalties are the only things right now separating LSU from a team like Alabama.

That’s it.

LSU has equal talent in its locker room. Probably has similar speed and similar strength. Mistakes are the only difference.

All-in-all, here is what I want to see in the final games of the year.

1. Go with who took you to the dance – Gary Crowton is a good offensive coordinator. Check that, he’s a great offensive coordinator. But he gets too cute for my liking sometimes. Case in point, running wildcat in overtime on 2nd and 5 after Charles Scott got 5 yards on first down. Or throwing the football 34 times in a game in which you had 200+ yards rushing offense. I understand the need for balance. But I also understand that LSU is a running team and ‘balanced’ for them can mean more running and less throwing.

2. More crisp tackling – How many times did LSU make contact at the line of scrimmage, only to have the Alabama ball carrier stumble forward for 3-4 extra yards — especially in the secondary with Julio Jones. That’s huge. If you hit a guy at the line on 2nd and 8 and he gets 3-4 more yards, it’s now 3rd and 4, instead of 3rd and 8, so you can see why tackling is so huge.

3. Younger guys – You can’t win the West, which means you can’t win the SEC, which means pretty much all of your goals for this season are shot. So let some younger guys get some looks to get a head start on spring football for next season. Give me more Terrance Toliver. Give me more Steven Ridley. Give me more Chad Jones.

It should for that reason alone be an interesting end to the season.

Here is my Top 10.

1. Texas Tech – These guys actually play a little defense now. That makes them a pretty scary team to the rest of the country.

2. Alabama – Only because they’re unbeaten. Florida beats them by 3 scores in the SECCG.

3. Florida – See also: #2

4. Texas – OU is a better team. But Texas did beat OU, so they have to go here.

5. Oklahoma – No one wants to see these guys. And they’ll probably beat TTech next weekend.

6. USC – You have to do better than 17-7 against Cal to get in, Petey.

7. Penn State – Was overrated all season. Glad they got the loss they needed to have to knock them out.

8. Utah – Big money win against TCU.

9. Ohio State – Pryor will be some kind of player. This team is in great shape in the future.

10. Oklahoma State – There’s no shame in having two losses, both to teams in the Top 2.


The Saints got stomped on by the Falcons in Atlanta today and I will not talk much about this game, but rather what I consider to be the Saints’ biggest problem — Jeremy Shockey.

Dude is trouble.

Between having bones made of glass, the dude is trouble and the Saints would be making a huge mistake resigning him this offseason.

Last year the Giants were 8-5 with him.

They were 6-1 without him, including all 4 of their playoff wins en route to the Superbowl.

This year, the Saints are 2-4 with him. 2-1 without him.

Is it a coincidence that when you take him off a team, they always have a better track record? I tend to think not.

Shockey “played” in today’s game. I put played in ” “, because he quit as soon ad things went south and started using his old tricks of playing at 50% speed and arguing with the coaches and his quarterback and isolating himself from his teammates, sitting alone on the bench.

If the Saints resign this guy this offseason, it better be for one year. And it better be at a very cheap price.

Because without the proper chemo, the Saints’ cancer could very easily spread across their entire roster.

Injury note:

Mike McKenzie is likely out for the year after fracturing his knee cap. He needs an MRI to provide the official diagnosis, but with 7 games to go, it’s safe to say at least most of the rest of the season, the Saints will be without Mike.


That’s all for me.

Have a good one!