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I’ve begun to notice a pattern.

Every week, LSU coach Les Miles says we will see Jordan Jefferson.

Every week, we don’t see Jordan Jefferson.

See the pattern too?

I expect much of the same this weekend. I think the only way Jordan will get significant snaps is if LSU gets a big lead, or if Jarrett Lee gets injured.

About this Troy team:

1. They’re a good offensive team. They can and will score points on people. I figure they’ll get a score or two Saturday.

2. They have a good pass rush and force a lot of turnover (in the Sun Belt). I don’t see their D-Line bullying LSU’s O-Line.

3. They hung with LSU in 2004. They hung with UGA last year. They play up to their competition.

So all-in-all, those of you expecting a 40-point blowout, think again.

I see this one being competitive for at least 20-25 minutes before LSU pulls away in the late 2nd – early 3rd quarters.

Injury Updates:

Hatch (out)

Taylor (questionable)

Dickson (in)


So, in NBA news, the Hornets lost last night to the Lakers, bumping the Lakers to 7-0 on the year.

I am not one to buy into hype 7 games into a season. But these Lakers are for real.

They run four guys at you who are 6’10 and above (Bynum, Gasol, Odom and Vlad Rad), and that’s not even counting that they have the best player in the world — Kobe Bryant.

It’s only 7 games into the season, but someone will have to get injured, or really upset on that team for them to be beaten in the postseason.


I’ll have some audio tomorrow from LSU players Marlon Favorite and Demetrius Byrd about the Alabama game, the Troy game and some other stuff.

Sorry for the short post today.

The rainy day today made me have to do a lot of stuff at night, which bogged me down.

Take care!

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