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So, just a few days remain before LSU’s homecoming meeting with Troy.

I told you all yesterday that I think Troy is a pretty dog-gone good team for a Sun Belt opponent.

Does that mean they will compete with LSU?

Maybe, maybe not.

I do not see this being a 49-0 beating.

But I do not see the outcoming being in doubt at very many points in this game, either.

The fact of the matter is that Troy can be as talented as they want to be and Jarrett Lee can be as careless as he wants to be, LSU has a huge size and strength advantage on both lines and if worst comes to worst, LSU will just jam it up the gut 7-8 times in a row if they have to.

But LSU hopes it doesn’t come to that.

When an SEC team faces a Sub Belt team, especially when that SEC team is the likes of LSU, what you want to do is fix some loose ends and for LSU, those loose ends are in the passing game.

So what to expect?

I think LSU will get 225+ on the ground and probably 150-165 or so in the air in a comfortable win.

But I think that 150-165 will be efficient. I can see:

Lee: 10-14 126 yards

Jefferson 2-4 20 yards

Something along those lines.

The other thing LSU will be looking to fix is its defensive communication.

When all 11 players are in sync with one another, the defense has been tough to penetrate. But so many times this year, 1-2 guys have been out of place and LSU has probably given up more big plays than anyone, something that could haunt this team, not just Saturday but against home run hitting offenses like Ole Miss and Arkansas later in the season.

I will have an official prediction on this one tomorrow.


SEC Picks:

Georgia 24

Auburn 13

UL-Monroe 13

Ole Miss 38

South Carolina 17

Florida 48

Mississippi State 17

Alabama 20

Vanderbilt 10

Kentucky 21

The one that interests me the most is that Mississippi State/Alabama game. Call me crazy, call me stupid. But I think Mississippi State is a prototypical team built to beat Alabama. They have a decent ball-control offense and a stingy defense. If the Tide makes the mistakes they did Saturday against LSU, this may be the week they are BCS busted.


The LSU men and women’s basketball teams get rock ‘n’ rolling this weekend.

The men will play on Saturday (which is a stupid idea) against Jackson State and the women will take on Notre Dame.

The men obviously have a cake walk on their hands, so I will focus more on the women’s game.

Notre Dame is a very, very good team — a Sweet 16 team from last season. And they return 3 of 5 starters.

LSU on the other hand lost all 5 starters and is relying on a largely freshmen bunch.

What I want to see is how LSU operates on offense. You know the defense will be there. That’s just the way basketball is engrained into the minds of the kids here.

But I want to see if the Lady Tigers have the offense to make waves. Who out of the bunch will emerge as the secondary scorers to Allison Hightower?

She will do her thing and score her 15-20 a game. But someone else has to bridge the gap and get LSU to that 60 point plateau each game.

For the men, I want to see some toughness. The talent is in the locker room. It’s just up to the individuals to do what it takes (the little things) to win some games.


That’s all for today. I’ll have some more stuff on the Troy game tomorrow!

P.S. Sorry about my audio problems. WordPress is not allowing me to upload the audio of the player interviews I compiled this week.


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