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For 40 or so minutes, it wasn’t pretty.

Check that, it was godawful ugly.

But LSU flipped on the switch in time and the result? A 30-point fourth quarter to overcome a 31-3 deficit and earn a 40-31 win.

What a game.

What a comeback.

No one say it coming.

And I mean that literally. No one saw it coming, because some 55,000 or so of the 90,000 in attendance for the game left sometime either at halftime or when Troy struck first in the 2nd half, leaving LSU playing before a ghost town in the 2nd half.

You folks didn’t deserve to see the ending anyway!

So what went wrong for LSU early on?

1. LSU handcuffed its quarterbacks. Troy lined up 8 and 9 guys in the box and dared LSU to throw on 1st and 2nd downs. They didn’t do it. Then on 3rd and 10, when they knew LSU had to throw, they dropped back and took advantage of the situation.

2. Defense- The LSU defense was pitiful for 40 minutes of this game. They couldn’t guard the Troy receivers or generate a pass rush on their QB. Troy threw the ball SEVENTY+ times. SEVENTY. There is no reason an unbalanced offense like that should move the ball on this LSU defense.

But that’s the bad.

Here was the good.

1. Jarrett Lee – When LSU fell behind and was in a major hole, the Tigers went to no-huddle. And Lee responded in a big way and had some 200+ yards in the 2nd half. This kid is a victim of himself. When he is out there and is thrown into the fire with no time to think (like in Auburn) (like tonight), he plays with reckless abandon and lights up the scoreboard. When he is the ‘only guy’, he plays real tight. I think LSU should look into a no-huddle set in the final two games of the season.

2. Turnovers- Whether a muffed punt or a big INT, the LSU defense was ball-hawking in the 2nd half. I do not know if it was desperation or not, but whatever triggered that aggression was much needed.

3. Coaching – A lot of teams would call it a day when they were down 31-3 with just a few minutes to play in the third quarter. Not this team. Les Miles may be this and that, according to some hater fans, but he is not a quitter and that is always engrained into his teams’ DNA.

Next up is Ole Miss and we’ll break that one down throughout the week.


Here is my new CFB Top 10.

1. Texas Tech

2. Florida – (I put Florida over Bama. I know Bama is unbeaten. Florida 1-loss. But they play one another. So I have no problems putting UF above them. If Bama is really better, then they can prove me wrong later. But it won’t happen.

3. Alabama

4. Texas

5. Oklahoma

6. USC

7. Utah

8. Ohio State

9. Boise

10. Penn State


Here are a few NFL picks for tomorrow.

Denver 31

Atlanta 20

New Orleans 35

Kansas City 17

Baltimore 10

NYG 20

Tennessee 21

Jacksonville 17

San Diego 24

Pittsburgh 28

Dallas 28

Washington 20


That’s it for me!

Have a good Sunday!

P.S. You should watch the Lady Tigers on the tube!

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