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LSU has a 48-hour rule when they lose a game.

The rule dictates that after 2 days of 2nd guessing and “what if” scenarios, the team will put the game behind them and focus on its next opponent.

LSU did not lose Saturday against Troy, but I suspect the same rule to be in effect with this weekend’s matchup against Ole Miss on the horizon.

Yes, the comeback was great.

Yes, LSU finally clicked and looked great on offense.

Yes, the defense took over the game and dominated Troy’s offense.

But no, none of this matters to Ole Miss.

We have to remember the Rebels are coming off a 59-0 win against a ULM team that also beat Troy.

59-0 > 40-31.

So LSU will now turn their attention away from Saturday and more on this weekend’s opponent — who is probably the most underrated team in the SEC. The Rebels are 6-4 on the year and 3-3 in the league. That’s just one step off LSU’s 7-3 and 3-3 mark.

Ole Miss has beaten Florida and Auburn and lost to Alabama, Wake Forest and South Carolina by a combined 13 points with their other loss (to Vandy) being just a six point setback.

So Ole Miss is notoriously a team who plays to the level of their competition.

For the first time in years, they are well coached. Ed Orgeron did a fabulous job getting the talent into the locker room. He just had no clue what to do with that talent once he got it, so it got wasted. But now that Houston Nutt has taken over, Ole Miss I think will be a SEC Western Division player for a while.

More on the specifics of this game as the next week unfolds.


LSU basketball kicked off (or tipped off) this weekend.



The men ushered in the Trent Johnson era on Saturday with a 79-65 win against Jackson State.

LSU got off to a very sluggish start as you would expect in the first game of a season with a new coach. But LSU’s talent prevailed in the end and they scored a relatively drama-free win.

The bright spot of the game was obvious — Bo Spencer.

On a team that was maligned for the past 3-4 seasons for not having a “true” point guard, Spencer stepped up huge for LSU and led the team with 21 points.

But my question with that is: “Is it fool’s gold?”

Is it a good thing that your point guard hit 3-of-5 from deep? Yes. It is.

But is it a good thing that in 34 minutes of play against lowly Jackson State that he had no assists? No, it’s not.

But this team is very much a work in progress. And I suspect we’ll see them get better as the season marches on — starting with their next game against Alcorn State on Thursday.



The women were not quite as fortunate and opened their season with a 62-53 loss against No. 14 Notre Dame.

LSU struggled on offense for the better part of the game and just didn’t have any offensive rhythm as the Lady Tigers’ new faces are trying to find their roles in the LSU offense.

But one thing was made clear — LSU’s freshmen are young. They are inexperienced. They will make mistakes. But they can flat-out play.

To only lose to a quality opponent like Notre Dame by 9 points when you frankly play like hell, shows just how good this team can and will be once they progress.

I went into the season with not-so-high hopes for LSU.

But after watching their young’ins play, I am much more optimistic.

Their next game is next Monday against Tulane in the PMAC.



Usually when LSU wins, the Saints lose. And vice-versa. But the Saints pulled off the weekend-double and beat the Chiefs 30-20 in Kansas City.

It wasn’t always pretty. And it wasn’t always dominant. But a win is a win and the Saints are now back at .500.

And to be honest, the Saints scored major victories away from at Arrowhead on Sunday as the Falcons, Redskins, Vikings and Bears all lost, while the Eagles tied, which gives the Saints a boost in the standings as they head to the stretch run of the season.

Call me a hater. Call me whatever you want. But I just still don’t see it in this team.

They are like the “Anti-Playoff” Team.

Playoff teams:

1. Run the football

2. Play good defense

The Saints do neither.

So even if they get in, they won’t be in very long.


That’s it for me.

Have a good Monday! 🙂

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