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They’ve never been able to stop it before.

But this weekend, LSU gets a chance to try its luck against the “Wild-Cat” formation without Darren McFadden, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis in the backfield, when the Tigers take on Ole Miss.

When Houston Nutt ran the show at Arkansas, the Wild-Cat was a base offense for the Hogs. McFadden was able to run it and throw it, or he could hand it off to Jones.

Defenses had no idea what was going on. And the Razorbacks’ supreme athleticism in the backfield was able to slice and dice defenses (including LSU’s).

But this Ole Miss version is not the same.

1. They can’t throw. McFadden was a legit dual threat. Dexter McCluster has one completion on the season and Ole Miss halfbacks have a pair of interceptions in 2008.

2. Star power – With all due respect, Dexter McCluster, you’re no Darren McFadden. McCluster is a very nice athlete and is a legitimate first-team player on most SEC teams. But “Run DMC” was an All-Time All SEC player. That makes a big difference.

With those two things being said, I think you will see the Wildcat 5-6 times. But it will not yield anything special.

What I am most interested in is the “Wild-Tiger”.

LSU’s version of the formation pits Richard Murphy behind center.

The Tigers have only tinkered with it so far. But I’ve been told they are working more on it this week and we might see a few passes from Richard Murphy.

Call it oversimplification if you want, but you have to think that a major key to this game will be who’s Wild-Cat performs better on Saturday afternoon.

More on this game later in the week!

Have a good one!

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