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Houston Nutt was the Grinch who Stole Senior Day last year.

He’s coaching a different team this year, but he has a similar opportunity tomorrow when LSU takes on Ole Miss at 2:30 in Tiger Stadium.

These two teams are evenly matched in the standings. And will be very evenly matched on the field, too.

Here are the keys to victory for both sides.

Keys for LSU:

1. 4 quarters – If LSU gets down 31-3 to Ole Miss, or hell, even 17-3, it will be incredibly difficult to come from behind. If LSU plays 4 quarters of football, however, they will be fine.

2. T. Toliver – When someone other than Brandon LaFell is stretching the field and making plays for LSU, it has been a big help to the offense. Toliver has sort of emerged as that threat as of late. Let’s see if he can get by the Ole Miss defense a couple of times.

3. Pass rush – Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead can make plays if given time. When he is rushed, he makes a lot of mistakes. If LSU puts 2-3 of those big, nasties in his face, expect an interception or two for the Tigers defense.

Keys for Ole Miss:

1. Wild Rebel – Houston Nutt owned LSU with this formation at Arkansas. He doesn’t have McFadden, Jones and Hillis anymore. But he does have some speed on the edges.

2. Stop the run – Make Jarrett Lee beat you by forcing LSU into 3rd and 6 situations by plugging up Sweet Chuck on 1st and 2nd downs.

3. Special Teams – Ole Miss won against Florida because of a big fake punt. They lost to Wake because of a key missed field goal. Ole Miss has marginal talent, so they have to do small things to get wins. If they win special teams, they have a real shot.

MY PICK: LSU comes out a little bit flat, but recovers from the 2nd-3rd quarters to steal a close, relatively higher-scoring game.

LSU 31

Ole Miss 24

Player to look out for: Chris Hawkins. Jevan Snead is not afraid to throw into coverage. I think Hawkins will get his hands wrapped around one tonight.


The LSU men’s team played a few nights ago against Alcorn State and won a convincing win.

I was skeptical about this team after the opener, but I am a little more convinced about their chances, primarily because of their depth.

I think LSU has 9-10 guys who can play legit minutes this season and when you combine that with probably one of the best 2-3 starting lineups in the SEC, I think LSU can make a run in the West.

The Tigers will take on Northwestern State on Sunday and try to go 3-0.


That’s it for now!

Take care and have fun at the game!

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