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So as you all know, LSU isn’t ranked.

As you all know, LSU is below .500 in the SEC.

And LSU goes into the last weekend of the season having lost 4 of their past 7 games.

But seriously, should we have seen this coming?

Answer: No.

LSU’s play has been inexcusable this season.

And I emphasize the LSU in that statement. It’s easy to blame Jarrett Lee. It’s easy to blame Andrew Hatch, or maybe even Ryan Perrilloux if you wish. But those guys don’t blow assignments on fake field goals. Those guys don’t let Ole Miss receivers streak down the field on third and long plays, resulting in a touchdown. Those guys don’t show no effort in blocking the Ole Miss D-LIne.

The problem right now is . . . EVERYONE.

The team is playing with no energy. No passion. No football intelligence and frankly, it’s a good thing the year has just 2 games left, or the ship could possibly sink farther than it already has.

But despite my “sky is falling” outlook, the future is still very bright.

1. LSU has found a gem in Jordan Jefferson. Between his progression, Jarrett Lee’s progression and true freshman Russell Shepard, LSU will have much better QB play this year.

2. 20 seniors – Just 20. I know it’s an oxy-moron to say “JUST” 20. But out of the 20, 10 or so are walk-ons. Look at the LSU depth chart. If no one goes pro, LSU is not losing much. (just 2 linemen and a WR on offense and a few D line guys and a LB on defense).

There is so much more to talk about on this topic, so I will spread it out across the week.

Tomorrow, I will give a list of 10 things I think LSU needs to do to get back to the top.


So the Saints returned home with a bang and crushed the Packers.

I do not know what was more extreme — how good the Saints looked, or how bad the Packers looked.

Giving up 50+, most of those in the passing game, against a secondary that is supposed to be so great is not good news for Green Bay.

Also, getting picked off by Jason David twice? Not so hot.

Think that’d have happened to Brett Favre? I don’t.

A win is a win and I am certain everyone will take it, but it will just be such an uphill climb to get into the playoffs.

At 6-5, the Saints have to surpass 3 of the following teams to get a wild card bid: Washington, Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta.

That will be a hard act, considering a lot of those teams have cupcake schedules the rest of the way.

My pick? Dallas and Tampa in the wild card.

Although if the Saints do very much control their destiny as they play huge games with Carolina, Tampa and Atlanta down the stretch — all of which are must wins.

That will certainly be interesting to see how it plays out.


More on the LSU debacle tomorrow.

Have a good one!

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