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I think by a unanimous vote, you all at home would consider this year of LSU football to be a down year.

Today’s post is the beginning of a Top 10 list of things that need to get better for that trend to be bucked.

1. Co-Coordinator no more – That needs to go. Period. I’d say probably 35-45% of LSU’s TD’s allowed this year could have been simply because of communication issues between the players and the DC’s. A good example was Ole Miss’s passing touchdown that went down the seam on Saturday. Half the defense was in man coverage. Half in zone. Hard to believe that 6 players on defense don’t know the playbook. So that means someone told them the play wrong.

2. Quarterback play – This is a given. LSU’s QB’s have given the other team 49 points just on pick six’s. With a batch of freshmen ready to be sophomores, I think we will see vast improvement.

3. Hands – LSU can have Joe Namath at QB and it wouldn’t matter if the receivers don’t catch the ball. And frankly, LSU’s receivers have not always caught the ball this year.

4. Secondary – LSU’s secondary is a mess. Each guy plays well individually. But none of them ever collectively play a good game together and that leads to bad things.

5. Play calling – I love Gary Crowton. But I do not love using shotgun as your base formation when you have 2 freshmen at QB. That’s what LSU did against Ole Miss. Watch Ohio State play. How do they hide Pryor being a true freshman? By only letting him throw it 10-12 times a game. LSU should pound, pound, pound.

I will have the other 5 tomorrow!


Despite all the whining about the year, there is still one more game to go — Friday against Arkansas.

I can tell you LSU is practicing very well this week and the team seems to be in high spirits — almost moreso than they were last week.

The general feeling is that the team will be playing with a sense of freedom, because for once, they don’t have the giant bulls-eye on them. For once, they can do the hunting, instead of being the hunted.

On the injury front, I’d say Jarrett Lee will be available only in an emergency role on Friday, so expect Jordan Jefferson to go bell-to-bell for the first time.

With that being said, expect LSU to see 8 and 9 man fronts until Jefferson forces them out if it. Can he do that?

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

LSU got a break in that Michael Smith will not play on Friday.

Smith is the Razorbacks’ leading rusher with 1,000+ yards and he is 2nd in the SEC in rushing. Arkansas’s replacements for Smith are all young’ins and none of them have more than 75 carries in their career.

So we’ll see how that shapes up.

More on this one tomorrow!

Have a good Thanksgiving’s Eve — if there is such a thing.

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