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Tiger fans,

First and foremost happy belated Thanksgiving.

A disappointing football season aside, we all have many things to be thankful for. For me, it’s my friends, family and faith in God.

And I hope all of you at home have similar things to be thankful for this year, also.

I started a Top 10 list of things LSU needed to do to make 2009 better than 2008 a few days ago. I will preview that first before going into depth about today’s game.

6-10 things LSU needs to do in offseason

6. Playmaker – LSU does not have that big, game-changing playmaker that other dominant teams have. Florida has Harvin. Georgia has Knowshon. Bama has Julio Jones. Who is that guy going to be for LSU? Trindon Holliday? Charles Scott maybe? The point is that LSU has to work too hard to score points. They need a guy to hit home runs.

7. Special teams needs to be special – LSU has been decent covering kicks and terrible returning them. When you add that you’re losing Colt David in the offseason, LSU needs to clean its special teams.

8. Fullback attack – Quinn Johnson has been invaluable for LSU this year. With his departure, who will be the next pancake machine?

9. Passion – I saw it from the Tigers in 2005-07. Not always this year. I think that has a lot to do with #6 in that LSU didn’t have a game changer to turn momentum on a dime. But it’d be nice to see a little more spark from LSU.

10. Start early – LSU falls behind virtually every game. Some weeks they overcome it. Some they don’t. It’d be so much easier to play with a 10-0 lead every once in a while, then to always be coming back from down 10.


But now for a look at today’s game.

Jordan Jefferson is going to get the start for LSU for the first time in his career.

What should we expect? LSU will try to run, run and run it some more. IF they can control the trenches, Jefferson will not be relied upon to do a whole lot. But if Arkansas bogs down the run, then LSU will have to put the ball in the true freshman’s hands and let him make plays.

Can Jefferson make them? Yeah, he probably can. But he is also fully capable of making freshman mistakes, too. LSU fans just have to be willing to take the good with the bad.

For Arkansas, they are just as strapped as LSU is. Nathan Dick will be making just the 2nd start of his career for his brother Casey and junior halfback Michael Smith is out of action for Arkansas.

So, I think both teams will spend a quarter or two feeling each other out.

I think the Razorbacks will have success chucking the ball around. But I think LSU will also be able to bully the Hogs on the ground. And for that reason, I give the boot back to LSU.

My Pick:

LSU 28

Arkansas 17

Player of the Game:

Charles Scott.

Have a good one! Enjoy the game!

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