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16 point lead = down the drain

Fabulous start by a true freshman = down the drain

Chances of finishing .500 in the SEC = down the drain

LSU did all of the above and blew a 30-14 2nd half lead yesterday in a one-point loss to the Razorbacks — the 5th loss of LSU’s season.

If you want play-by-play, go to ESPN or CNNSI. I’ll tell you what I think about what went down yesterday.

1. A star was born. Two stars, actually. Jordan Jefferson is as legit as a true freshman can possibly be and Patrick Peterson is a dominant, dominant cornerback.

2. Out with the old and in with the new regarding LSU’s DC situation. LSU is in the bottom half of the SEC in every defensive statistic. A defense does not rot that fast on its own.

3. The game turned on that 3rd and 20+ personal foul penalty. If LSU makes them punt on that play, they would have had a chance to go to work on the Razorbacks and on the clock. That play was the downfall of the game.

And let’s get this straight. I DO NOT blame Tremaine Johnson for that play. Replay confirmed the Arkansas lineman spit in his face. But my opinion stays the same — that that one play ended LSU’s night.

4. Chris Hawkins’ interception that would have ended the game was not pass interference. If that is pass interference, every single passing play is also interference.

5. There was not enough video evidence to overturn the fumble call on that one play. I am growing sick and tired of instant replay. To the point to where I wish they would just rid of it. Firstly, it wastes 4-5 minutes on each review (especially in college). And second, everyone has a different interpretation of the rules, so we don’t have a universal set of rules to go by with it. Yes, it surely did look to the naked eye like Arkansas’s runner’s behind was on the ground before the ball came loose. But we never saw a replay where we actually saw the football, so how do you know for sure? And if the ruling on the field is fumble, then how do you overturn that? Oh, wait. I forgot. Replay officials are local. So this guy was from Little Rock. That explains it. I am not saying Arkansas “cheated” or anything, because the same thing happens at LSU. I am just saying the system sucks and should be changed or done away with.

6. Quinn Johnson is probably the best fullback in the country. But LSU seems to want to give him the ball as a receiver or a ball carrier more than they want to use him as a blocker.

All-in-all, this loss stings more than others, because I really, truly think LSU outplayed Arkansas. The Tigers were outplayed against Florida. Dominated by Georgia. Beaten soundly by Ole Miss. But LSU handed away the Alabama and Arkansas games. And that makes those sting a little more.

More on this one tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂

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