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According to the LSU calendar, last week was “dead week”.

But after taking five finals in a span of 72 hours, I am the one left ‘dead’ in the brain.

But that is done and I know I’ve said this before, but we will be back to daily updates now and into the future as my school schedule the rest of my college career is like LSU’s out of conference schedule for football — full of cupcakes.

I discussed in my last post the LSU defensive coordinator situation. And since that time, not a whole lot has changed.

Vic Koenning will be K-State’s defensive coordinator.

LSU has not fired their co-coordinators.

Nor will they before the bowl game.

So what we have is about a 3-week dead period where we will have nothing but speculation with very few people truly knowing what is going on.

You’ll hear the message board chatter and people will get excited as uninformed, unanimous posters will claim to be “in the know” and post random bits of information.

Some will guess right. Others will guess wrong, then post later that “the deal fell through, etc…”

So instead of rumbling and grinding teeth about what LSU doesn’t have, I will talk today about a lot of things LSU (football and as a whole) does have and I think these are all things we should be grateful for.


1. A young team. Sure, they took a 7-5 season this year. And that’s probably about 2-3 more losses than people would have hoped for or expected. But with the majority of the offense coming back, the entire defensive secondary coming back and the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class, LSU will be back and better than ever.

2. Less pressure in 2009 – It’s always harder to be the champ than it is to beat the champ. Even the Almighty Tebow lost 4 games in his season defending the title. And the man who many regard as the best coach in college football, Nick Saban, took a number of hits in 2004 while defending at LSU, too.

Outside of football: (Things we should be talking about other than the D-Coordinator situation)

1. An unbeaten men’s basketball team – It takes A LOT for me to be impressed with LSU men’s basketball, because I’ve bitten on the cheese and been burned so many times before. But LSU is playing with a level of energy and passion they never showed under former coach John Brady and I think it will be a fun season for LSU that will see the team play meaningful games in March.

2. Nation’s No. 1 baseball team and a new Alex Box Stadium – Baseball is going to be cranking up pretty soon and I am more than convinced the Tigers will be the team to beat, not just in the SEC, but in the entire nation. LSU is loaded virtually across the diamond and they have arguably the best skipper manning the ship. Sure, they’ll miss the pop of Matt Clark and the durability of Jared Bradford, but they return Blake Dean, DJ LeMahieu and numerous other thoroughbreds and in that beautiful new stadium on Nicholson Drive, it will be a blast.

So that’s just a small list, but the general point is the same — relax. Take a deep breathe. The LSU D-Coordinator situation will resolve itself in good time. Until then, enjoy more what you do have (the above things) than what you don’t have. It will make your life a lot easier.


Just to briefly talk about the bowl for a minute, LSU has begun initial preparations for Georgia Tech, but nothing too specific yet. A lot of the preparation has been on internal things like tackling, timing, etc.., to try to knock off the ring rust the team may have had from their break from action.

It will be curious to see when practice begins how LSU will prepare for the Jackets. I want to see who the scout QB will be and who the wing backs on the edges will be.

It sounds silly, but you hope LSU has enough talented guys who may have run this style offense in the past, because if they can replicate it in practice, they will be able to handle it in the game.

On offense, Jordan Jefferson will start and barring an injury, play an overwhelming majority of the snaps. The kid did everything he was asked against Georgia Tech + a whole lot more and there is no reason to not let him play until the wheels fall off.


In tomorrow’s update, I will talk a little about some potential DC candidates should a move be made and talk about LSU’s men’s bball game being played this evening.

Take care!

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