My good friends,

OK, so here’s the deal.

Yesterday I played the “PC” line and told people to not stress about the DC situation and I still believe that. We shouldn’t worry about how this will play out as it’s beyond any of our control and because I think it’s fair for Tiger fans to give Les Miles a chance to correct his own mistakes and control his own staff.

But with that being said, I have to guess that there’s probably an 85% – 90% chance the co-coordinator system will be blown up, so with that being said, let’s have a little fun and speculate as to who the new guy may be.

This list is not going to be in order of my preferences in any way. These are just going to be the names I have heard LSU would potentially be interested in should a move be made.

So I’ve heard LSU has hired an outside firm to search the country and gauge potential guys who might have interest in the job, while Miles and co. focus on their bowl game.

So, guess what, LSU? I have an Xmas gift for you. This week, I’ll do that job for you and detail and breakdown each of the likely candidates.

Candidate #1 in the LSUSP Search for a New DC:

Ed Orgeron

Orgeron is in a lot of ways what LSU’s team (and more specific their defense) needed last year. He is big, mean, ugly, etc… He is very aggressive and there is nothing Coach O does without passion and fire.

And what makes Coach O more appealing to LSU than potentially some other candidates is his track record as a dominate recruiter.

From Miami to USC to Ole Miss, Orgeron has had a knack of getting into the ears of the nation’s best players and persuading them to play for him.

Will Coach O come to LSU?

Will Coach O be LSU's next DC?

Consider that 95% of Ole Miss’s current 8-4 roster was recruited by Coach O and you see that even though he was dismissed, he recruited a talented squad in the SEC.

What makes Coach O less appealing than other potential suitors is a little more deep-rooted.

While at Ole Miss, Coach O was a notorious negative recruiter against Coach Miles and LSU and according to the ESPN-published book “Meat Market”, Coach O even played a role in aiding USC halfback Joe McKnight’s path to USC once he eliminated Ole Miss from his final three schools in consideration.

Coach O also had a run-in with LSU as a player as he was reportedly told he’d be on the defensive line in the recruiting process, but then was switched to the D-Line in his freshman season, causing him to transfer to his alma-mater Northwestern State.

But if Miles and Coach O are able to put their bad-blood to the side and work as a team, the relationship could reap benefits to both sides.

For Miles and LSU, it’s a chance to regain the dominant defense the Tigers had in their previous 11-12-win season days.

For Orgeron, it’s a chance to coach less than 2 hours away from where he grew up and a chance to get back “in the game,” when it comes to being regarded as a potential head coach again in the future, because whether we want to admit it or not, Coach O had Ole Miss headed in the right direction. This season’s success is a testament to that.

Candidate #2 tomorrow.


The men’s basketball team is on a roll. And after an 87-41 win against Grambling to move to LSU to 7-0 on the season with five of those wins coming by more than 20 points.

The good news for LSU is their depth.

Four players average more than 10 points per game for LSU with another two more pitching in more than six points per game.

When you add in glue guys like Storm Warren and Quintin Thornton who don’t really look to score the ball, you have a total of 10 LSU players averaging 10 or more minutes per game.

What does this do?

Remember last season? In so many games (Villanova, Tennessee and countless others), LSU jumped out to early leads, only to collapse late in the game because the team just simply ran out of gas.

This year, LSU is better equipped to be more steady throughout the coarse of the entire 40 minutes and that pays huge dividends come conference tourny and NCAA Tourny time when teams play 3-4 times in a week.


That’s all for me, guys and gals.

Enjoy Monday!