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So yesterday, I gave you the pros and cons of adding Coach O to the LSU coaching staff.

He is a polarizing candidate to many, because frankly, he is a polarizing guy. Today’s nominee is considered by most to be a “safe” pick.

Coming from the plains of Tennessee is our #2 candidate in the search for a new DC — former Tennessee coordinator John Chavis.

Candidate #2 in the LSUSP Search for a new DC:

John Chavis

Chavis has probably the most experience as a coordinator in the SEC of anyone being considered as the South Carolina native has served as Tennessee’s defensive coordinator since 1995.

Under Chavis’s tenure, the Vols defense has often been the strength of the team, including this year where despite a poor record, Tennessee had one of the highest-rated defenses in the country.

Why Chavis would be attractive to LSU is because of what I said above: experience. It’s not often you can land a guy with more than a decade of excellent work in your own league. Chavis’s defenses have won everything LSU aspires to win, from rivalry games to SEC titles to national titles.

But what might make Chavis less than attractive to Les Miles is all of the things we mentioned above.

When you spend close to 20 years on one guy’s staff, it can be sometimes be difficult to adjust to a change of scenery and to a new coaching staff.

Would Chavis be able to adjust and will Les Miles even give him the opportunity to adjust is the question that is yet to be answered.

Candidate #3 will be broken down tomorrow.


Another week in the NFL and there are just 2 games left in the season for all 32 teams.

The playoff pictures are a little more certain, but there is still a lot of fog that needs to blow away before fans will be able to see the full picture.

Here are my Elite 8 (based on likelihood of that team winning the Superbowl).

1. Colts – The Colts have not lost since late October and are the hottest team in the NFL to date. Combine that with them having probably the best QB of all the top teams and they are my current team to beat.

2. Steelers – Anytime you play as great on defense as Pittsburgh does, you have to be considered a threat. But what worries me is their trend of playing “emergency offense”. What I mean by that is that their offense usually doesn’t click until it absolutely has to. That’ll be a problem in the playoffs.

3. Patriots – It’s hard to count out a team who seems to be the “Spurs” of the NFL. Sure, they don’t have Tom Brady and that hurts, but Matt Cassel is evolving to be just as dominant in the past few weeks. Let us not forget the Patriots won the Superbowl in Tom Brady’s first season on the field, too.

4. Panthers – The Panthers are probably the hottest NFC team and they’ve been running buck-shot through their competition. But what concerns me about them is ole Jake hasn’t exactly been a force this season and home field advantage in Carolina is not nearly as intimidating as it’d be in other places.

5. Cowboys – The Cowboys are sometimes a mess and they are sometimes not right. And we all have the right to wonder if they can win 4 games in a row. But when they’re right, they’re better than anyone and on Sunday, they were right.

6. Titans – The Titans have had a few hiccups here recently, but they should have home field advantage in the AFC. That has to count for something, right?

7. Jets – The Jets are like the Cowboys in that they might not even get into the playoffs at all. But like the Cowboys, the Jets are also one of the best when they’re clicking. With Brett Favre on board, it should be an interesting finish. It always is.

8. Vikings – The Vikings are dangerous to me for a few reasons. The first is odd. I think they are dangerous because they WON’T have home field advantage. Why? Because they will likely be thrust into a cold weather climate (should they make the playoffs) and that style of weather perfectly suits their gameplan, which is run, run and run some more. I also think they’re dangerous because they play solid defense and have the “it” factor. I’ve always believed great players win NFL games and the Viks have the best in the world right now in Adrian Peterson.

Remember the year Mike Vick took an undermanned Falcons team to the NFCCG just by sheer individual will?

I can see AP doing the same this year if he gets the chance.


That’s all for today. I will have DC #3 tomorrow and I will give some information about Georgia Tech.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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