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So far in the first two days of this search, we’ve stopped in Tennessee and then also detailed a guy who is rumored to possibly be headed to Tennessee.

We’ll keep the alliteration going today with our next candidate.

DC Candidate #3: Dick Bumpas (TCU)

Bumpas is a veteran coach that is sort of a “hot” commodity, because his TCU defense was one of the nation’s best this season — ranking No. 2 nationally in total defense and No. 1 in rushing defense.

Bumpas has been on TCU’s staff since 2004 and he’s reached his peak this season and is a candidate for the Broyles Award, which is given annually to the nation’s best assistant coach.

What would draw Bumpas to LSU is the allure of getting his foot back into the SEC door. An Arkansas alum, Bumpas has been out of the major conference scene since the early 1990s when he was an assistant at Notre Dame.

So after a handful of dominate years at TCU, is the man with SEC blood running through his veins ready to jump back into the SEC scene?

What might sour Bumpas from LSU is his resume. Can Bumpas be patient and be able to land a head coaching job later this offseason?

No one knows the answers to those questions, because we don’t know all of the jobs that are yet to be opened up, but if Les Miles came calling, it’s hard to imagine Bumpas wouldn’t listen.

And on LSU’s end, why wouldn’t you at least give a call? The guy has one of the nation’s best defenses and he has recruiting ties in Texas. So why not?

Candidate #4 comes tomorrow.


It’s officially December 17, which means LSU’s matchup with Georgia Tech is heading closer and closer.

A lot of people only know that Georgia Tech is a triple option team, but don’t know a ton else about the other aspects of their game, so here is a general overview. I will go into detail much further as we approach kickoff.


(9-3, 5-3 in ACC)

Rushing Offense: 282 yards per game. (No. 3 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 43 in rushing offense

Passing Offense: 95 yards per game (No. 116 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 67 in passing offense

Total Offense: 377 yards per game (No. 46 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 54 in total offense

Scoring Offense: 26 points per game (No. 56 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 34


Rushing Defense: 117 yards allowed per game (No. 22 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 17 in rush defense

Passing Defense: 195 yards per game (No. 48 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 81 in pass defense

Total Defense: 312 yards per game (No. 23 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 36 in total defense

Scoring defense: allow 19 points per game (No. 22 in country)

Comparison: LSU is No. 65 in scoring defense.


Much more about the Jackets tomorrow and DC coordinator candidate No. 4.

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