Change of plans, guys and gals.

I had planned to go through another DC candidate and then break down the backs in GT’s option offense.

But with some breaking news coming out of Baton Rouge tonight, plans have changed.

The news is that LSU co-defensive coordinator Bradley Dale Peveto has reportedly accepted the head coaching position at Northwestern State University, which thus ends all speculation — LSU’s co-coordinator debacle IS OVER!

With Peveto’s departure, LSU is losing a solid assistant coach who was well respected by his players and also one of the staff’s primary recruiters.

But obviously his departure also means the world of possibilities regarding the DC situation are now endless.

The low-ball estimate is that Doug Mallory just takes the job by his lonesome with Peveto’s absence.

I do not think that will happen and I put the chances of it at less than 5 percent, but that is the low-ball scenario.

I think what is more likely is Mallory would accept his old position as defensive backs coach and groom the Tigers’ up and coming DB’s under a new DC.

But we’ll see how it plays out.

Just know, Tiger fans that change is indeed in the air!


Last night, the Hornets rallied from a 2nd half deficit in the New Orleans Arena and beat the Spurs — the same team who eliminated the Bees from the playoffs just last season.

This list is inspired by a similar list created by my friends at TigerForums, but through a quarter of the season, here are my Top 10, MVP, DPOY, coach of the year and ROY Awards.

Top 10:

1. Celtics – This team has a very real shot at 70 wins if they choose to pursue it. My guess is they ease into the playoffs at a 66-win clip.

2. Cavs – I have never been the world’s biggest LeBron James supporter. But King James is making an impact on offense AND on defense this year and he’s sparked the Cavs from a pretty good team to a borderline great team.

3. Lakers – The Lakers are still learning how to play with their new rotation that sees Bynum and Gasol playing side-by-side with Odom playing off the bench. And while the wins have piled up, the defense just isn’t there yet, so the Lakers are behind the Big 2 for now.

4. Rockets – The Rockets are notorious slow starters to the season and were merely 12-11 at one point last season. But the Rockets are 16-9 this season, despite rarely having McGrady, Yao, Battier and Artest all on the floor together. When these guys get it together, the Western Conference will have a clear cut 2nd team.

5. Magic – The Magic are coming to their own recently playing (and winning) without Dwight Howard. Games like that build confidence in everyone else — which is much needed come playoff time.

6. Hornets – The Hornets have had a slower start than some expected. But the Bees have the “it” factor no one else has with the “it” being that they will have the best player on the floor in virtually any game they play.

7. Denver – The Billups trade has “paid off”. I put the “paid off” in quotes, because all they’ve done is beatup on cupcake teams that I think they’d have beaten even with Iverson on the roster. The real challenge comes now when they take on some of the West’s best.

8. Utah – Outside of losing Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer and AK47 to injuries at various points in the season, it’s business as usual in Utah.

9. Pistons – The Iverson trade hasn’t paid off in the standings, but frankly, who cares? In the East, all you have to do is get into the playoffs and you have a shot.

10. Spurs – Slow start aside, the Spurs have their Big 3 back and are playing at their usual high-clip. They’ll be a player again.


Quarter-season MVP: LeBron James – King James is rocking the NBA right now. There is no one better in the standings or on the stat sheet. Keep praying, New York.

DPOY – LeBron James – Why the Cavs have transformed from a good to a great team is a commitment to defense that has been started by James. Not only does he score 30 a night. He also singles out the opponent’s best player and takes them totally out of the game. That’s a rare player.

Coach of the Year – Jerry Sloan – I know you can probably give it to Sloan damn near every year, but the Jazz have no business fielding a 16-11 record right now with 3 of their best players having missed significant time — sometimes all at the same time.

Rookie of the Year – OJ Mayo – All due respect to Derrick Rose, whom I bashed all summer, but Mayo is the league’s best rookie. Playing in a dump like Memphis, Mayo has put up lights out numbers and is making everyone wonder why in God’s name, the T-Wolves traded him for Kevin Love.


That’s it for me.

Enjoy your weekend (Your final weekend of Xmas shopping)