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No late-night vendez-vous last night for me.

There was also no dancing the night away in a local bar last night for this college kid.

And most importantly, no waking up at 1:40 p.m. because of a Friday night hangover.


Because the college bowl season is upon us and it’s kicking off bright and early at 10:00 a.m. Louisiana time with a matchup between Navy and Wake Forest.

This is what football is about. It’s not about overpaid millionaire’s fighting to earn their next big payday, while going at 50% effort so they can protect their “commercial pretty” faces. It’s about seniors playing their final games of their lives. It’s about bands playing alma-maters for screaming fans and it’s about “Go” spelled with an “Eaux” or an “I” dotted by a band member.

If you didn’t figure it out on your own yet, I love college football postseason.

It has it’s flaws and it’s not perfect, but more often than not, whether we want to admit it or not, the BCS does pick the 2 best teams in the country, and although I think it’s shamelessly unfair Texas got left out this season, I do think that if you hide everything in the standings and are just picking two football teams, that you’d be hard-pressed to find two better than Florida and Oklahoma.

You can debate how they got there, but it’s hard to debate the talent that will be on both of those sidelines when the teams kickoff for the BCS National Title.

The 2008-09 bowl slate is choked with four games tomorrow — two of which are very intriguing matchups (at least to me).

So with that being said, here are my previews for each of the four games that are going to take place today.


EagleBank Bowl:


This is one of a handful of matchups this bowl season that pits teams who met in the regular season. In the initial meeting between these two teams, the Midshipmen scored a 24-17 road win. But in that game, Demon Deacon quarterback Riley Skinner was picked off four times. I can’t see that happening this time around as I think the Deacons will figure out the option the second time around and land the win.

My Pick:

Wake 31
Navy 17




This is the battle of the schizophrenic teams. On any given day, you can swear Fresno is ready to take on the nation’s elites. But on any given day, they also can be beaten by 50 points, like what happened their last time out against Boise. It’s been the same for Colorado State this year — Constant ups and downs. So in a game like this, I trust veteran Bulldogs coach Pat Hill more than Colorado State’s first year coach Steve Fairchild.

My Pick:

Fresno State 34
Colorado State 17




This is one of the most lopsided matchups of the entire bowl season. South Florida is much more talented at virtually every position than Memphis and is playing a virtual home game. If the Bulls come ready to play, this will be an easy win.

My Pick:

South Florida 38
Memphis 14



BYU was the sexy pick for everyone to represent the small schools in the BCS, but after beatings from TCU and the eventual BCS representative Utah, the Cougars were left in the dust and are left taking on a stout Arizona team. Despite BYU’s 2-0 record against the Pac 10 this season, the Wildcats will be a far more difficult challenge for the Cougars, thanks in part to the Arizona defense, which has allowed just 54 points combined in three matchups against ranked opponents this season (Oregon State, USC and Cal).

My Pick:

Arizona 24
BYU 17


There’s nothing on the LSU front today, so that’ll be all for me. I suspect the closer we get to the bowl, the less and less we’ll hear as Miles will want to protect his players’ focus.

So with that being said, enjoy the games and your weekend!

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