Thanks to the fabulous technology provided to me by wordpress and by the contributing members of this site, I am able to see the locations of my readers.

From compiling that data, I see the majority of my readers are in Louisiana. But I also get hits from Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and across the Southeastern Conference as well as around the North and East and out to the West Coast from visiting fans and/or misplaced Tiger fans.

But whether you’re an LSU fan in California, an Alabama fan in Minnesota or an Auburn fan from Baton Rouge, I’d like to wish everyone who reads this site a fabulous holiday season!

Sports are a fabulous thing.

Each Saturday 90,000+ complete strangers gather in Tiger Stadium and for 3 hours, they put aside race, income, etc… and they all become one thing — Tigers — and that is what I love about sports.

So I wish the best to you all and your families in this holiday season. No matter who we cheer for, that’s something we can all agree on!


There’s not a ton of LSU news to discuss today as the Tigers are grinding out their gameplan for Georgia Tech inside the confines of the LSU Indoor Practice Facility.

I do not know the exact plans, but the team usually has a large meal there on Xmas Day and the players exchange gifts they may have bought for one another, etc… and I suspect the same to take place this season.

From what I’ve been told, for a team that was so down in the dumps following their loss to Arkansas, LSU is very high strung and is looking forward to winning what they’re considering a road game against Georgia Tech.

The key will obviously be how LSU handles that complex option attack of Georgia Tech’s, so time will tell how the Tigers will be able to handle it.

Reports out of practice are that the Tigers are doing a good job controlling the scout team’s version of the offense, but that is merely a walkthrough compared to what the Tigers will face in Atlanta.

To me, a big key actually will be how LSU handles the Jackets’ passing game. The Ramblin Wreck will take a good 6-7 shots down the field in a game. If LSU can make sure all of those plays go for nothing, or can possibly snag an interception or two, it will truly make the Jackets one-dimensional. But if not, the more balanced the Jackets become, the more difficult they will be to control.


There’s one Xmas Eve bowl in the Islands. Here’s how I see it playing out.

With TCU’s win over Boise, I am now 4-2 in the bowl season.



Sorry for the lack of the fancy pants logos. My image uploading tool was out of commission tonight.

Notre Dame has been up and down all season. And the game is in Hawaii. But let’s not get crazy here, Notre Dame has more talent at every position and will win handily.

My Pick:

Notre Dame 35
Hawaii 13


I will try to make a Christmas Day post, but if I am not able to, I really wish all of you a fabulous Xmas!

Enjoy your Wednesday and here’s to hoping you all got your shopping done by now. 🙂