With the bowl game less than a week away, a hungry bunch of Tigers arrived in Atlanta yesterday.

According to people close to the team, the Tigers appeared to be in good spirits fresh off Christmas and appear to be focused going into their final bowl preparations.

Focus is a key word, because LSU will need a lot of it if they want to have a chance in this game.

Assignment football is about discipline, concentration and execution — all three things LSU has not been the kings of this season.

The game is a difficult one to grade on paper, because you really can not predict a whole lot until you see how LSU responds to their option opponents.

On paper, LSU has more talent at every position, but if games were won and lost on paper, LSU wouldn’t have five losses this season.

It’s a lot deeper than that, as we all know, and it’ll be up to LSU to play a solid football game if they expect to compete against what is a very good Georgia Tech team.

Win, lose or draw, this game will be the final game in the careers of LSU’s seniors.

Guys like Tyson Jackson, Brett Helms, Marlon Favorite all have left huge imprints on the program and even though their senior season did not go nearly the way they planned, these guys had a big hand in a national title and a pair of SEC Western Division titles and two BCS bowl wins — It’s hard to find a lot of senior classes who have had that level of success, so it’ll be a sad day for LSU football to see them move on, whether the Tigers win or lose next week.

I get asked a lot by people who my favorite LSU player is. And that’s hard to narrow down, because I’ve gotten to know so many of them over the course of the years, but if I had to narrow it to one, it’d be Favorite.

Dude is an absolute riot behind the mic and he’s also a solid player who’s been overlooked his entire career.

While yes, he’s no superstar, he has bounced off blocks all his career to make guys like Glenn Dorsey stand out and he’s been one of the unsung heroes of the LSU team the past few seasons.

There are a good deal of games today, but I am not on my home computer, so I will try to post the previews tomorrow sometime.

Have a great weekend!