Well, LSU finally did it.

After weeks and weeks of stuff their faces with cupcakes, the LSU men’s basketball team finally ate some of the main course yesterday and beat the Pac 10’s Washington State in the PMAC.

The game was a hard-fought, March-like battle between two defensive-minded teams, but at the end of the day, LSU just had a few too many playmakers and a little bit too much offense and was able to get the win.

The Tigers are now 10-1 on the early season and have to be getting close to contention for the Top 25.

How I feel about that is a little bittersweet, though. I think LSU is benefiting a little right now from flying under the radar and I am not sure how they would respond to having that infamous little number next to their name.

We should know more about how good this team truly is in the coming weeks with contests with Utah and then SEC play yet to begin.

My pick?

LSU will win 20-or-so games and will have a 9-7 or 10-6 mark in a very down SEC this season.


One player who is not enjoying the success of the Tigers right now is swingman Terry Martin.

Martin has not dressed in either of the last 2 games and Tigers coach Trent Johnson has said publicly it’s because of an issue Martin has with the playing time he has received this season.

I have a message for you, Mr. Martin — you’re not very good and if you spent more time in the gym working on your one-dimensional game and less time running your mouth about how great you were in high school, you’d maybe be a better player.

I am not one to throw players under the bus, but in this case, let’s review the situation.

1. Terry transfers from Texas Tech, saying he didn’t get enough of an opportunity with the Red Raiders and cited disagreements with then-coach Bobby Knight.

I gave Martin a pass for this one at the time, because, Knight is a hot-head. He’s had run-ins with players before.

But then, it gets sticky.

2. Martin lost favor at the end of last season with Coach Brady and then Coach Pierre and had numerous spats with the two in practices and during games, etc… Martin shrugged it off and said the new coaching staff would be a new beginning for him with LSU.

3. This incident.

That’s three strikes. I understand some coaches ride players too hard. I understand sometimes the discipline level is too much. But I also was not born yesterday and I have a hard time that Knight, Brady, Pierre and now Johnson are all in the wrong and that Terry is right in this situation.

I hope he gets his mind right, because he can be a valuable player for LSU this season. But until he does, it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who is only looking out for No. 1.


Independence Bowl:


The real losers in the SEC’s not getting enough bowl-eligible teams to fill out their full allotment of bowls are the people of Shreveport who are left having to see this matchup of average (at best) mid-major teams. The X-Factor in this game will be Northern Illinois’s running game, which will be able to control the clock and keep the ball away from Louisiana Tech just long enough to leave with a road win.

My Pick:

Northern Illinois 24
La Tech 13


That’s all for me. Have a great day!