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The speculation ended today as ESPN has reported John Chavis will be named LSU’s next defensive coordinator.

More on this in tomorrow’s update, plus a bowl-game preview.

The NFL playoffs are set and only 12 NFL teams remain.

In the NFC, the top of the pecking order shaped up how everyone expected it to.

The Giants are the No. 1 seed and have home field throughout the playoffs. We all knew that prior to the week.

With their win over the Saints, the Panthers are the No. 2 seed and will have a first-round bye.

The Vikings will be the No. 3 seed thanks to a win against the Giants and a Bears’ loss clinching them the NFC North Division.

And as we knew, the Cardinals are the NFC West Champs and will be the NFC’s No. 4 seed.

The Falcons were thrust into the 5-seed as soon as Carolina won.

Where the mess began was with the final spot.

Dallas, Tampa and Chicago ALL lost, which paved the way for the 9-6-1 Eagles to get in as the final wildcard.

I am a big Cowboys fan, so watching them get embarrassed obviously was not fun for me, but what was even more embarrassing than the Cowboys loss was Tampa freggin Bay.

How can a team with playoff aspirations lose . . . AT HOME . . . to the OAKLAND RAIDERS?

That’s pathetic.

It’s one thing to have a slow start in the first half like they did. But the Bucs recovered and even had a 10-point lead with less than 20 minutes to play and they STILL lost.

That’s pathetic and is embarrassing.

With Kiffin out as the DC and the team virtually falling apart at the seam once it was announced he was moving on, it could be bad news for the Bucs.

So here are the NFC matchups. My picks will come later in the week.

No. 6 Philly at No. 3 Minnesota

No. 5 Atlanta at No. 4 Arizona


In the AFC, things went far more smoothly.

The No. 1 seed is the Titans and the No. 2 seed is the Steelers. We knew that much before the week started.

The No. 3 seed is the Miami Dolphins, who won the AFC East title after earning a road win with the Jets.

The No. 4 seed is the San Diego Chargers who steamrolled the Broncos to rally from a 4-8 record to win the AFC West over the Broncos who absolutely collapsed — proving what I’ve been saying for quite some time now — that Jay Cutler will never be a “winner” in any level of football he ever plays in. I know the Broncos defense is terrible, but for someone who thinks he’s “all that and a bag of chips,” with a “stronger arm than Elway,” you’d think he could have won one of the last 3-4 cracks he had at the division.

The No. 5 seed will be the Indianapolis Colts who  dominated the Titans in the season finale to win their  ninth-straight game.

And with their win over the Jags, the Ravens clinched the No. 6 seed.

Here are the AFC matchups.

No. 6 Baltimore at No. 3 Miami

No. 5 Indy at No. 4 San Diego

Should be some interesting matchups and it’ll be interesting to see it play out.


With the NFL season ending, for all but 12 teams, that means the season ended for the Saints, who were defeated 33-31 on a last-second field goal against the Panthers.

The Saints’ final game was a microcosm of their entire season — slow start, then comeback, then fall just short at the end.

The Panthers had a 20-point lead in the fourth-quarter, but gave up three touchdowns to the Saints to surrender the lead.

But Carolina drove back down the field and kicked a field goal on the final play to win.

Drew Brees threw for 386 passing yards and fell just short of Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a season.

And frankly .  . . I’m glad.

Because (and you might grill me for this) he didn’t deserve it.

Brees had a very good season. But in reality a good 25% of his yards this season came in garbage time with the Saints deep in holes (that he put the team in).

Sure, the Saints defense did not help the Saints season, but Brees was a culprit in a lot of the team’s losses, too.

In the eight losses the Who-Dats had, Brees threw for 13 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, so you can make the case that a few more big plays and a few less mistakes from Brees, the Saints would have been pushing for that 11-5 season and not the 8-8 that they had.

I will give a blueprint later in the week for what I hope the Saints do this offseason.

But for now, have a great Monday!

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