My apologies for the past few days as a little taste of the flu had me lying around my bed more than I would have liked.

The bad news is I missed out on some fun times with my family.

The good news is I am better now and that the down-time allowed me to watch tons and tons of football.

Let’s start here at home where LSU dominated Georgia Tech inside and out to score a 38-3 win in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

LSU certainly saved their best game for last as they won all three phases of the game — offense, defense and special teams to throughly dominate Georgia Tech.

The offensive MVP and the bright spot of the game is Jordan Jefferson.

What a difference 3 months makes.

I can assure you Jefferson was not ready to see the field in early September when Jarrett Lee and Andrew Hatch were on the field for LSU.

But hard studying and increased reps and better conditioning gave Jefferson the knowledge of the playbook and the skill-set he needs to compete in the SEC.

With Russell Shepard coming in and all the current quartbacks staying (maybe) on LSU’s roster in 2009, what seems to be the weakness of LSU in 2008 can be the strength next season.

With this being a big recruiting weekend because of the Army and Under Armour All American games, many people are also anticipating LSU to score major victories with the prospects this weekend.

The beat started drumming today as 5-star safety Craig Loston committed to LSU.

Loston’s commitment to LSU was probably the worst-kept secret in the history of recruiting, but to have him finally come out publicly and proclaim LSU as his team is a sight for sore eyes.

Other guys LSU is holding out hope for are receivers Andre DeBose and Rueben Randle as well as defensive tackle William Campbell.

We’ll see, but if I had to guess, LSU will haul in the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class and take boat loads of momentum into the New Year.


The other football game that got interest here at home was last night’s Sugar Bowl, where the SEC West champs Alabama had their tails kicked in by undefeated Utah.

The Tide trailed from start-to-finish and really never had a legit shot in the game.

The Crimson Tide got 7 of their 17 points on a punt return and the Utah defense battered and bruised John Parker Wilson all game and forced him into inaccurate throws.

While LSU is taking worlds of momentum into the next season, the Tide will be taking none as Nick Saban’s team lost both of their last 2 games in 2008, proving to the world what most people thought all year anyway — that the Tide were big-time overrated and had no business having the success they had this season.

But the problems for the Tide are that it will be even harder next year. They only lose 9 seniors from this year’s team, but the losses they have will be hurtful ones like John Parker Wilson, Andre Smith, etc…, so the Tide have pieces to fill in if they expect to have any chance to duplicate their success in 2009.


The big game on the forefront is now the BCS National Title Game between Florida and Oklahoma.

I do not know if this is sound logic or not, but from watching the other Big 12 teams play in the bowl season, I am more convinced than ever that Florida will put the Sooners away soundly, if they bring their A-Game.

Looking at the Big 12, Missouri’s offense looked out of whack against a poor Northwestern defense, Texas Tech was dominated by Ole Miss, etc… What we’re seeing so far is what I thought we’d see — that the Big 12 teams only put up fat numbers because all of the defenses in that league stink.

In this game, I think we’ll see that again as Florida will slice and dice the OU defense and get just enough stops to win easily.


NFL this weekend:

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Have a good weekend!