We last left you with a post about how LSU hoped to get 3-4 commitments from the All-American games this weekend.

They got 3-4 less than 3-4 and ended up with no new commitments after the weekend.

So: All lost?

Not at all!

The good news is that the players who LSU have committed who DID play this weekend look dynamite.

I am not the recruiting guru, so if I left out a few who stood out, please leave a comment and I will fix it.

Russell Shepard

Pat White in an LSU uniform. Shepard is like a halfback in the quarterback position.

But while that speed is his biggest asset, that runningback mentality is his biggest weakness, as he needs to work on his throwing before Autumn.

Shepard will be a very fine specialty player next year for LSU and will have a major impact, because I can’t see SEC defenders being able to keep him boxed in.

Craig Loston

Loston was probably the best player in the entire Under Armour Game. He was flying around the secondary and making an impact disrupting his opponent’s offense.

Most all-star games, the DBs look bad, because they are used to playing on offense for their high school teams, but Loston was an exception and he looked like he’ll be ready to see the field in 2009 for LSU.

Josh Downs

Downs needs to add 25-30 lbs to his frame and might be a redshirt candidate this year at LSU. But he is nimble as a cat off the line and that’s just simply something you can’t teach.

Should be another in a long line of LSU studs at DT.


I know there were others committed to purple and gold on the field this weekend, but those 3 stood out the most to me.


There is no news yet on the LSU coaching staff, but it’s not a time to panic. Everything seems to be par for the course for Chavis to be the DC. What happens from there will be likely decided after Jan 8 when the season ends as a lot of guys who LSU might be considering for lesser staff positions might be offered bigger positions once the season ends.


The seasons of 4 more NFL teams came to a close this weekend and the Chargers, Ravens, Cardinals and Eagles are moving on in what was the Weekend of the Birds in the NFL playoffs.

The Ravens looked like the most Superbowl-ready of all the wildcard winners this weekend just because you know they’ll never be out of any game.

The most you’ll score on them is 17-20 if they don’t turnover the ball. So that’s a 2-3 score cushion. They’ll be in every game until the end. That always gives them a chance.

Here are the 4 matchups next weekend.


No. 6 Baltimore at No. 1 Tennessee

My Early Gut: Bye-Bye No. 1

No. 4 San Diego at No. 2 Pittsburgh

My Early Gut: Bye-Bye Big Ben

No. 6 Philly at No. 1 New York Giants

My Early Gut: McNabb falls short

No. 4 Cardinals at No. 2 Panthers

My Early Gut: Delhomme doesn’t turn it over, Carolina wins


I’ll focus a little more on the LSU men and women’s basketball teams in tomorrow’s post!