Well, Les Miles has apparently put together all of the pieces of the puzzle and has his entire coaching staff laid out for the 2009 season.

John Chavis has been introduced as the team’s new defensive coordinator. No real surprise there.

But the missing links we didn’t fully know about were the DB coach and the DL coach.

The DB coach will be former South Carolina defensive backs coach Ron Cooper.

Defensive back coaches don’t exactly get much glory and people usually only know who their team’s DB coach is if their team’s DB’s stink. But I can tell you that Cooper is one of the best in the business and for proof, just look at the S. Carolina defensive backs who are drafted into the NFL year in and year out.

What Cooper is the best at, according to people close to the Gamecocks is coverage technique, so that will be a sight for sore eyes for LSU fans, because rarely this season were their DBs beaten badly on plays. A lot of times it was just smaller things like not looking back toward the football or getting turned around, etc… All of those things should be corrected with Mr. Cooper manning the ship.

The defensive line coaching hire is “unofficially” official and reports are stating that Brick Haley will take over Earl Lane’s post as the LSU DL coach.

Haley is the former Mississippi State defensive line coach and is the current Chicago Bears coach in the same capacity.

I can not speak about the Bears, because I frankly haven’t watched them very often this season, but I do know when Haley was at State, the Bulldogs always had a very stout front-four, so I think Haley will do a fine job with the talented defensive linemen at LSU.

The question becomes what will happen to Earl Lane. Lane’s DLine woefully underperformed this year and while Les Miles would feel bad “firing” Lane, I think it’s safe to assume he’ll mysteriously find a new job in the next few days to pave the way for Haley.

So, I present to you, good friends, the new LSU coaches.


John Chavis

Ron Cooper

Brick Haley


The LSU men’s basketball team suffered their second setback of the season last night in a 30-point beating at the hands of Utah.

The Tigers were pretty much outmanned all night and were beaten soundly in all aspects of the basketball game.

The problem with LSU in my opinion is leadership.

Ever since his graduation, LSU has not had the cold-blooded leader that Darrel Mitchell was.

This year’s team has good leadership from guys like Garrett Temple and Tasmin Mitchell, but neither of those players are guys who can really “take over” a basketball game.

The only guy on the roster LSU has who can do that is Marcus Thornton and he is a very passive player late in games and defers to other players.

If he develops that hot-blooded attitude between now and the end of the season, LSU has a chance to win in these wild environments. If not, expect LSU to have major problems on the road all season.


Have a good day tomorrow! šŸ™‚