Roll the casket out.

Put up the tombstone.

College football dies tonight.

I haven’t spoken to the doctors yet, but they say that it will not be revived again until next fall.

So cherish it now, boys and girls, because the sport we love so much comes to a close tonight for 8 months when No. 1 meets No. 2 for the big prize when Florida takes on Oklahoma.

There’s been a lot of yapping back and forth about who should or shouldn’t be in this game, but after looking at everything on paper, I really truly believe the nation’s two best teams are playing in the game.

But with that being said, only one team can prevail, so here are my keys to the game.


1. Tebow’s tool-chest – Tim Tebow is one thing, but Florida is damn near impossible to beat when the Harvin’s and the Demps’s and the Murphy’s of the world are going wild. OU needs to keep Tebow’s tools from going crazy, or it will be a rough night.

2. Pass protection – Florida is exceptional at getting a pass rush with their front four. If they get in Bradford’s face, it’s lights out.

3. Special teams – If the Gators can control field position and make OU go 80 yards to score, that’ll be an uphill battle. The Sooners need to win special teams to have a shot.


1. Championship poise – Florida’s core players have all been here and done that. OU’s core players have all been in big games and have gotten crushed. Florida needs to win the “mental” part of this game.

2. Ground control – Ole Miss was able to control the game against Texas Tech by having a sound ground attack that kept the Red Raiders offense on the sidelines and kept the points piling up on the Ole Miss scoreboard. Florida has a more dominant ground game and can look to do the same to the Sooners.

3. Turnover battle – Florida got to this game by piling points onto opponents with “cheap” points — points off turnovers, etc… OU is not the team that can handle having those types of setbacks. If the Gators get about 10 points gift-wrapped, momentum can snowball very quickly.


The Big 12 has proven to us time in and time out this bowl season that they are nothing more than a Flag football league.

Florida is more physical, more fast and every bit as capable offensively as the Sooners.

If OU gets off to a hot start, they have a chance, but I see the Gators pounding early and pounding often to join LSU as the 2nd multi BCS National Champion.

Florida 45

OU 24