My friends,

The past week or so have not been great for me as my computer caught “the virus” and crashed to the ground. 

I reinstalled Windows and still don’t have everything up and running just yet, but I am getting there none-the-less. 

But aside from my problems, I have good news for everyone involved. 


The good news for LSU is three-prong.

1. Brandon LaFell is coming back to school. How big is this? It’s gi-normous, ridiculous, stupid-huge, because LaFell gives LSU’s offense a threat. Without him in the lineup, LSU would have gone into next season with Toliver, both Mitchells and a handful of other guys competing for playing time. While I do think Toliver is going to be a true stud, I much rather him as a #2 than a number one and I rather all of those other guys competiting to be #3-4 guys than I do #1-2 guys.

2. Men’s bball – The men’s basketball team is kicking major league SEC rear. After opening the conference with a road loss at Alabama, LSU has reeled off three in a row (South Carolina, Ole Miss, Miss State) and is now in first place in the SEC West. I do not know what happened after the Utah game, but something happened, because this is not the same team. There is more chemistry, camraderie, etc… This is a new basketball club and it’s fun to watch.

3. The Box – Yes, my friends, baseball is on our doorsteps. Anyone driving down Nicholson recently has been sure to see that the new Box is damn-near completion and boy, what beautiful venue that figures to be. Let’s hope the highly-ranked Tigers give people something to be excited about in their first season in the new park! 


This site also has good news as my colleague Richard Fischer and I will soon be joining forces again to do a weekly 30-minute (roughly) audio program.

The show will be themed like a radio-talk show and we will base it just like our old Geaux Show — there will be LSU-related topics, national topics, etc…

It will be a lot of fun to do and I hope everyone involved in our site enjoys listening each week, because we surely will have fun producing the show.


Nationally, we also might have gotten some good news this week as Barack Obama became our nation’s new president.

I will not dip deep into this one, because I don’t know politics, don’t claim to know politics and I don’t want to know politics, so I will not preach about what I do or don’t think about Mr. Obama.

But the fact of the matter is that he is our guy and whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, etc…, you still should wish him all the best because he is our guy now.

A good anlogy I like to use regarding this is quarterbacks. If LSU were to have started Jarrett Lee in the bowl game, I would have disagreed with the notion that he was the right man for the job. But none-the-less, a true LSU fan would have still supported him, regardless, because he is a Tiger.

So that’s how this is. 

You don’t have to agree with who is in the Oval Office, but you do have to cheer for the Oval Office. 🙂


So with all of that being said, have a great day! 

I shall post tomorrow following the LSU women’s basketball game!