This weekend was an exciting weekend for basketball on campus as the Tigers hosted mid-major powerhouse Xavier in front of a sold-out PMAC.

LSU lost, but they definitely put up a strong fight in what was a terrific basketball game.

I was wrong about this year’s version of the Tigers.

Earlier in the year, I hinted it’d be a long year for the team, because I didn’t see a lot of ‘it’ from the team’s leaders.

But in the past few weeks, Marcus Thornton has emerged as not just LSU’s best player, but the second best player in the SEC behind Meeks and UK and is one of the 15-20 best in the NCAA.

LSU will go as far as their senior guard will take them and if they get into the dance and he gets hot, watch out.

But what is dangerous is that if he’s not hitting, LSU is capable of being beaten by 30 to a team with the talent level of a Utah, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.


The women snapped a 2-game losing streak in Kentucky and won a close SEC game to go to 3-2 in the league.

These Lady Tigers are not going to the Final Four.

They might not even go to the NCAA Tournament.

But they have something working for them — future.

With the entire team (minus Kristen Morris, who was great yesterday) returning and the majority of the contributors being freshmen, LSU has a great chance to return to their status as one of the nation’s premier programs next season.


In recruiting news, this weekend was a huge one for LSU as the Tigers hosted Rueben Randle, Trent Richardson and Janzen Jackson.

I can tell you that after this weekend, all the curiosity regarding Jackson can be ended — the kid will be a Tiger. 

Richardson is more of a long-shot and was probably just taking a free trip, but I was told that Russell Shepard did a lot to help possibly sway him out of his agreement with the Tide.

And I was told Randle also had a great time while at LSU and was seen laughing with a lot of the LSU players.

If I had to do the percentage game, I’d put Randle as 75-25 to LSU right now. 


The new radio show returns on Tuesday! 

Richard and I hope you enjoy!