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Let me start this off by saying, I’m sure Robert Horry is not the first guy guilty of what I’m going to bitch about, but being that I:

  1. Hate him
  2. Hate that people believe he belongs in the Hall of Fame
  3. Hate that he has weaseled his way to 7 rings

I will give him the honor of being the first on the chopping block.

If there’s anything I hate more than the Boston Red Sox and Kobe Bryant, it’s guys who switch teams every 1-2 years, latching on with the best team available in order to try and rack up those championship rings. Don’t get me wrong, as a former basketball player through high school, I know the difference between winning and losing. One tastes like chocolate cake and the other tastes like chocolate cake that’s been vomited into your mouth by a 3 year old. But where have players since of belonging gone?

Take Horry for example. Early in his career, he was lucky enough to be drafted by the eventual champions, as well as be part of a trade that was unable to go through due to a failed physical by Sean Elliot. Most would say he earned his two championships with Houston. I beg to differ. If you want to talk about guys lucking into championships, look no further than the 1993-1994 and 1994-1995 Houston Rockets championship teams. (See: Michael Jordan does not play full season in either.)

But in continuing with Horry, he won 3 more with the Lakers from 2000-2002, and then proceeded to win 2 more with the San Antonio Spurs in 2005 and 2007.

Now if you don’t follow basketball, you may be confused into thinking Robert Horry is some kind of superstar. Let me assure, that he is not. While he has made some big shots over his career, this man is nothing more than a paid mercenary. He signs with the highest bidder, damn near every year, sometimes not even the highest bidder, just whoever has the best chance of winning, and re-locates his ass. He plays below mediocre during the entire regular season, and then once the post-season comes, he does something of notoriety (See: Cheap shot on David West this year, cheap shot on Steve Nash last year) and he gets a ring.

I only complain about this because it’s becoming more of a trend for Horry-esque players. Don’t get me wrong, in his earlier years, about 20-30 lbs ago, Robert Horry was a serious threat as a 6th man. He was tall, could rebound, and could shoot. The same can be said with James Posey, the man who is slowly becoming the modern day Robert Horry.

Posey, an unrestricted free agent after opting out of his contract last month, is a member of the reigning champion Boston Celtics. Instead of playing out the last year of his contract, he opted out, and is currently shopping himself. Now if Posey really cared about winning, he would stay with the team he just helped (significantly in the finals) win a championship. He would actually stay in a city which has embraced him,  and possibly solidify some kind of legacy as a great 6th man who won (potentially) a couple of championships for one of basketball’s most storied franchises.

Nope. Instead, Posey has been shopping himself to the Celtics, Hornets, Cavaliers, and the team he just helped defeat in the finals, the Lakers. Posey has been negotiating this contract as if it will be his last, wanting four years when most clubs are offering two, the Celtics willing to go three.

Now I ask you this. If you were James Posey and you were planning to retire after this next contract, wouldn’t you rather go out on top, playing with three of the best NBA players ever, and build yourself some kind of legacy?

Nope. Because despite what he may want us to think, Posey isn’t retiring after this next four years. He’ll only be 35, and in the new NBA, that’s far too young to be thinking about getting out while you’re on top.

No, you’ve got to hang on and put a blemish on your career by trying to squeak out a few more rings or maybe a first ring (See: Gary Payton and Karl Malone). And before anyone refers to Mr. Jordan, I’ll have you know he did not come back the 2nd time to win a championship, it was to give back to the game, not take away from it.

I guess maybe in this sense, I’m just old-fashioned. I remember when the Bulls vs. the Knicks meant Jordan v. Ewing. Now, depending on what part of the season it is, it may be Duhon (Bulls) vs. Randolph (Knicks), only to be Deng (Bulls) vs. Duhon (Knicks) later.

This is why college basketball still remains relevant. Because Tyler Hansbrough can’t sign with another team just like that.

Then again, why would he want to?

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