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Just yesterday, I broke down the American basketball roster and also broke down a list of former LSU athletes making big splashes throughout the sporting world. Today, we got a combination of both as current LSU baseball player, freshman catcher Micah Gibbs was named to the USA Baseball National Team and will compete across the world during the summer.

It is important to note that the USA National Team is NOT the same as the Olympic team and Gibbs will not be playing in the Olympics in August. The National Team is rather the nation’s best non-draft eligible players and will play throughout Europe during the summer in the Haarlem Baseball Week in the Netherlands and the FISU World Championships in the Czech Republic.

Congratulations to Gibbs, because this selection is both an amazing honor for him personally and is also a fabulous feat for the LSU baseball team to hang its hat on.

Others SEC players joining Gibbs on the roster are Auburn first baseman Hunter Morris, Vanderbilt left handed pitcher Mike Minor and Florida and Tennessee outfielders Matt den Dekker and Kentrail Davis.

Oral Roberts head coach Rob Walton will head the coaching staff of the national team with Eric Campbell serving as the GM of the squad.

Again, congrats to Gibbs and Geaux USA!!


Well, Shaquille O’Neal, you ran your mouth a little too long and as a result, you also lost your spot as a deputy in Maricopa County.

O’Neal went on a tirade in a club this weekend and used derogatory words and racial slurs when referring to former teammate Kobe Bryant.

My issue with it all is why people refuse to see the “Big Aristotle” for who he really is — the selfish one. Throughout the whole ordeal, Kobe Bryant has been quiet and reserved and the only bad things we know about Kobe are rumors of rumblings with Lakers’ front office and hearsay from Los Angeles reporters. Since the whole incident has happened, all the reigning MVP has done has been the bigger man and has been silent, rather moving on with the Lakers and beginning the new chapter of his career.

His counterpart, on the other hand, has continuously been loose-tongued, talking about how Kobe “ran him out of LA” to anyone willing to listen. In this latest tirade, he is now onto the subject of how “Kobe can not win without him.”

Shaquille, yeah, you won without Kobe. But you can not win alone either. You needed to ride Wade’s MVP coattails to the championship a few years ago and now, you are the anchor that sunk the Suns’ 2008 season.

Yeah, the media portrays him in a good light, because he has a cool name, calls himself Superman and is funny. But let’s not get it twisted, on the court, he is not as loveable as it seems. He had problems with Penny Hardaway in Orlando, Kobe in LA and then later with Wade in Miami. And if history repeats itself, he will probably find beef with some of his Phoenix teammates soon, too. How long before we all realize that he is more the root of the problem than the solution to it?

I’m not saying Kobe’s an angel, because lord knows he has done his share of stupid things in his career. But it takes more than one clown to field a circus.

To watch Shaq’s tirade, click below.


I skipped a day of NBA Draft Previews again yesterday, so today, I will hit up 10 teams.
Pacific Division:

Los Angeles Lakers:

Picks: 58
The Lakers gave up their first rounder in the Gasol trade, but the Lake Show really doesn’t need a whole lot. What the Lakers need is toughness and I suspect they will look to find a scrappy player in their position.

Phoenix Suns:

Picks: 15 and 48
The Suns need youth and fresh blood. At 15, they can get one of the more talented players in the draft as someone always slips farther than they should. If they can get their hands on a Brandon Rush or a Anthony Randolph, they will take it and run.

Golden State Warriors:

Picks: 14 and 49
The Warriors wiffed on last year’s draft taking Brandan Wright who had zero impact in his rookie season. But Golden State again has a chance to get inside depth in this year’s draft and guys like Kosta Koufos and Marreese Speights can be on their radar.

Sacramento Kings:

Picks: 12, 42 and 43
The Mike Bibby trade left the Kings with a blaring void at PG and they have three shots to find one in this year’s draft. In a perfect world, they’d get their guy in DJ Augustin, but he may be off the board for their pick.

Los Angeles Clippers:

Picks: 7 and 35
Like the Kings, the Clippers have a void at PG. Sure, Shaun Livingston may come back. But he also may not. Combo guards Eric Gordon and Jerryd Bayless figure to be in the cards of the Clippers with either just moving to SG if Livingston returns from injury.

Midwest Division:
Utah Jazz:

Picks: 23, 44 and 53

No one drafts better than the Jazz and while they have no blaring hole on their roster, I suspect Jerry Sloan and Co. will find 2-3 contributors in their picks, as usual.

Denver Nuggets:

Picks: 20

The Nuggets need a PG, but pick too late to get a premier guard in this draft, so barring a rumored Carmelo Anthony deal, the Nuggets will probably settle for some help in the paint.

Portland Trailblazers:

Picks: 13, 33, 36 and 55

The Blazers are one of the most active teams year-in and year-out on the draft, as you can see with their four selections. I suspect they will trade out of the draft in a couple of these spots, but the Blazers have the luxury of having a second first rounder in the return of Greg Oden.

Minnesota Timberwolves:

Picks: 3, 31 and 34
Minnesota head-man Kevin McHale’s status in Minnesota may hinge on this draft. The Wolves have a great nucleus of young players and with a good draft, they can compete to win 35-40 games. At 3, I suspect they will get OJ Mayo to give them their first legit point guard since Stephon Marbury, but rumors also have them trading down to get a veteran NBA player and a later pick.

Seattle Sonics:

Picks: 4, 24, 32, 46, 50 and 56

The Sonics have six picks. Yes, six picks. With last year’s best rookie on board and Jeff Green also on the squad, the Sonics seem to be building for depth… in a big way.

It’s time to begin the Top 3 of our countdown today. Yesterday, we covered the “Great One”. Today, we will cover “the Greatest”.

No. 3 athlete: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay spent the 60s and the 70s as the Alpha-Male of the boxing world, winning 56 of his 61 fights and holding nine different heavyweight titles throughout his career.

Ali’s legacy is one unrivaled by anyone with his fights holding names like the “Thrilla in Manila”, “The Rumble in the Jungle”, and “The Fight of the Century.”

But what makes Ali a great figure outside of his in-ring dominance was his A+ tongue. Ali never shied away from the spotlight of being the best and the best athletes are those who “play the part” and Ali certainly did that.

I do not know how long ESPN Classic will exist, but for as long as that channel is out there, you will see Ali’s epic series of bouts with Joe Frazier as well as his classic bouts with George Foreman, Leon Spinks and Ken Norton.

Tomorrow, we will break down the No. 2 athlete and I suspect by tomorrow, it will be fairly obvious to everyone who No. 1 will be.


Doctors optimistic after Woods’ surgery – Good to see it appears Tiger will be back to normal. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. Get well soon. Golf needs you.

Fresno forces Game 3 with hit barrage- Game 3 will take place tomorrow in this battle of the Bulldogs. People underestimate what Fresno has done, but a national championship for them would be the equivalent of a 14-16 seed winning the National Championship in March Madness. Should be a great game.

Melrose returns to NHL as coach of Lightening- I will be the first to tell you all that I do not know much about hockey, but I will miss Barry Melrose on ESPN. He made the game fun and I hope he knocks ‘em dead in Tampa.


That’s all for me. Have a great Wednesday, folks.

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